Why Long Distance Relationships are Special

Most people can’t handle being in an LDR (long distance relationship). They always feel like they need their partner around 24/7. Don’t get me wrong people in an LDR want the same, but we’re not as clingy. We are strong enough to handle not being physically around our significant other, any temptation that might try to break up our relationship, and the negative opinions that are said about our relationships. Even though, we will love to have our boyfriend or girlfriend around us we are able to remain faithful to them. There is no such thing of not being able to handle a long distance relationship because if you really care or love someone genuinely you won’t even give them a suspicion of questioning your loyalty. I mean don’t get me wrong I know some couples go through situations and if the solution to their problems is breaking up that’s fine. Long distance relationships are built for people who don’t mind taking sacrifices and being patient. Lord knows it’s hard to have patience when you want to see the person you love in person every day. Long distance relationships are special because not too many people can boldly say that they had enough courage to stay in their relationship without distance affecting the way they love their significant other.  Question for my readers: What makes your long distance relationship special? 


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