I just need a peace of mind. I’m tired of being unhappy. I feel like my young life has been wasted. Is being happy too much to ask for? Why do I have to pretend that I’m happy instead of faking it. I got so much pressure on me. My life just gets worse. People might think my problems aren’t that serious but if you were in my shoes then you’ll feel the weight of depression. I’ll never understand what God purpose is for me. I just need to get away from everything. I don’t want to be around judgement, negative energy, or stress. 


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  1. Can you give yourself a break? say 2-3 days but try fill yourself with positive thoughts. i know some things are easier said than done, but trust me, you’d be fine. God’s got your back love, trust Him.

  2. I can feel your pain. Depression is very rare to be understood until suffered by one. They underestimate your sufferings and make you feel even more worse. But let’s keep hope that everything is going to be alright. It may take time but one day, it will be. All the very best! 😊

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