The Diary Trap

What would you do if you discover a diary or journal full of secrets? Maybe you do have a story like this one. In this short story, you’ll learn Carla will get herself in a situation she will regret. Who would’ve thought to discover a diary would cause your life to change forever!

Carla is walking home from school. She couldn’t wait to get home so she could get her homework assignments done. Then take a nap from the long school day she had. On her way home, she walks through the field of orange flowers as she usually does. Carla trips over something sticking out the ground. The object has brown muddy dirt on it. Out of anger from tripping up on the object. Carla decides to pick up the object and was about to throw it until she realizes what it was.

Discovering that the dirty object is a diary she decides to wipe off some of the mud with her hands then continues to open it up. Inside the diary on the first page, it says “This diary belongs to Amy Sue.”  Carla thought the name sound a bit old fashion. Flipping through the pages she starts to read the diary entries.  What she started reading made her sick to her stomach. It was something she wasn’t expecting. Also, there was a wave of fear that took over her body.

The diary entries are detailed stories about victims that have been murder. Some of the stories told how the victims are tortured before taking their last breath. One of the victims was stabbed 52 times.  Little did Carla know the owner of the diary is a serial killer. Amy Sue always made sure she wrote down every little detail about her murders.

It’s Part of the Plan

You’re probably thinking why would a serial killer carelessly leave their diary in a random place. Well, that’s part of Amy Sue plan. She leaves her diary in secret locations that she knows someone will find the diary. Once the person discovers the diary that becomes her next victim. She watches them from a distance without them knowing. Amy Sue calls this “the diary trap.” Will Carla be able to survive when the killer comes after her? What would you do if you found a diary with information about murders that have happened?






Photo by João Silas on Unsplash


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  1. Damn good story
    That’s why you never read nobody’s else diary if it don’t belong to you.
    If I was in that situation more than likely I wouldn’t of picked up the diary in the first place because I would of thought it was a trap because under normal circumstances a person usually leave their diary or journal in a safe place
    Now if I did read some shit like this
    I would pray to God and call the prayer warriors on silent unity and ask them for advice first
    I would call my therapists and ask for advice then
    I would probably tell my parents and ask them for advice
    I would seek advice then I guess I would make a decision depending on the advice I was given
    This was a deep story wow I’m speechless
    Love the way you think

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate you for taking your time to read my story. You’re giving me the motivation to write short stories more. lol you’re right usually people do leave their diary or journal in a safe place. Most people minds are so curious that they don’t think about that at the moment. That’s how they found them self in messed up situations.

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