Only To Wish For..

I wish I could capture your attention But I feel unnoticed by you Maybe you stare when I don’t notice Or secretly search me up on social media to see what’s going on How can I impress you without looking foolish? Scared to speak up because of the fear of rejection Daydreaming about you makes… Read More Only To Wish For..


Apps You Should Download 📱

There are many apps that you can download from your App Store. Thankfully most of those apps are free to download. Imagine paying for every app you download. That could get a little expensive to a certain extent. I’ll be giving you a list of apps you should download. I tried out each one. List… Read More Apps You Should Download 📱

Short Stories

Farrah Brings Love and Peace to the World

If you could bring love and peace into the world would you take the chance? Well, Farrah finds herself in this situation. Farrah is eating dinner with her family in the living room. They are watching the news as they are eating dinner. The news reporters were going over the usual stories like houses getting… Read More Farrah Brings Love and Peace to the World


Birthday Wish List 🎉📃2017

In case you’re wondering what I wanted for my birthday. I made a list. The list isn’t too long. More than likely I probably won’t get these things for my birthday. I thought it would be fun to make this list just in case someone is wondering what I wanted. If you didn’t read my… Read More Birthday Wish List 🎉📃2017