What I Look Forward to Every Week (Des Blog-a-thon) #32

To be truthful every week I look forward to putting out new posts for my blog. I don’t plan out ideas for the week ahead of time. Most of my blog topics come to me naturally without me stressing what to write about. I’m blessed to have natural ideas. Sometimes it’s not easy for others […]

My Top 3 Favorite Netflix Tv Shows

Orange is the New Black – This show is one of Netflix’s original and popular series. It’s based on this woman name Piper that ends up in prison because of the connection she had with her ex-girlfriend that was in a drug cartel while they were together. In prison, she learns that it will be […]

My Favorite Childhood TV Shows

All these shows I am going to list played a big role in my childhood. They bring back so many good memories when I was young and innocent. Sometimes I wish I could go back to these days. These shows will represent how I’m a true 90s baby lol. Amanda Show (1999):  The Amanda show […]