Are You the One for Me?

Need somebody to understand my emotions like Drake See my inner and outside beauty Intelligent mind like Tupac Goofy like Martin Faithful like Shrek is to Fiona Let’s not forget trustworthy Loving Passionate Caring Respectful Honest Supportive Patient Appreciates me I always dreamed of this idea person Is this too much to ask for? Maybe… Read More Are You the One for Me?


My Random Thoughts šŸ’­ February 7, 2018

My head is always full of random thoughts. Sometimes I believe I think more than an average person. There are times when my thoughts drive me crazy šŸ˜œ. In this article, you’ll read my random thoughts and get a little taste of what’s in my head. Why am I so random? Why is it raining… Read More My Random Thoughts šŸ’­ February 7, 2018

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Dollar Tree Has Good Stuff (Dollar Tree Haul)

For those of you don’t know I love shopping at dollar tree. I find decent products for just a dollar. Yeah, I said it A DOLLAR! When I was on my weekend trip in Myrtle Beach, SC. I went to their Dollar Tree and got some cool items. Enjoy the items below I’m going to… Read More Dollar Tree Has Good Stuff (Dollar Tree Haul)


Maybe it’s a Sign for Me…Ā 

Recently, I kept seeing the word resilience. I’m assuming this word was maybe a sign for me. No matter what I read or heard on tv this word kept popping up. So, I decided to search for the meaning of this word. When I read the meaning it was relevant to what’s going on with… Read More Maybe it’s a Sign for Me…Ā 

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10 Drake Quotes To Remember

For those of you that don’t know who Drake is, he’s a Canadian rapper that came to the United States to pursue his rapping career. Some of you may have seen his face on the show Degrassi back when he was a teenager or heard some of his music. This man is very talented. I’m… Read More 10 Drake Quotes To Remember


Definition of a Best FriendĀ 

Talk to me on a regularĀ  Someone I can call during a tough time Find time to check on me even if they are busy Make plans to hang out often Being trustworthyĀ  Never turn fake or switch up on me Keep everything we talk about between us Too bad it’s not easy to find… Read More Definition of a Best FriendĀ 

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Long Distance Relationships Aren’t BadĀ 

Now maybe the title of this post caught your attention or you could be curious. There’s nothing wrong with trying to find out why I wrote about this topic. Anyways, most people always have a negative thought about long distance relationships. Every time someone finds out that I am in one they always saying “your… Read More Long Distance Relationships Aren’t BadĀ 


Loving You

Thereā€™s fear in my heart to start loving you Putting trust into you is a risk that might kill me Although, you might not understand the guard over my heart It protects you more than me Do you want to know why? Once I feel that pain you may cause my heart Iā€™m likely to… Read More Loving You

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Not Good Enough

Have you ever thought you weren’t good enough? Well, I have too. I get frustrated with myself because I doubt myself more than others do. It bothers me a whole lot. Even when I try to think positive that negative bug always tries to crawl in my head to make me think different. Maybe this… Read More Not Good Enough

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My Top 3 Favorite Netflix Tv Shows

Orange is the New Black – This show is one of Netflix’s original and popular series. It’s based on this woman name Piper that ends up in prison because of the connection she had with her ex-girlfriend that was in a drug cartel while they were together. In prison, she learns that it will be… Read More My Top 3 Favorite Netflix Tv Shows