Your Love & Lies…

Suffocated with your lies

Knowing the truth but my heart wants to deny

The love I have for you causes me to be so blind

Why can’t I leave you behind?

Loving you is convenient

But leaving you is heartbreaking…

The repeat of the hurt triggers me to hurt you back

I want you to feel the pain too

Early karma needs to come back to you…



Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

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Farrah Brings Love and Peace to the World

If you could bring love and peace into the world would you take the chance? Well, Farrah finds herself in this situation. Farrah is eating dinner with her family in the living room. They are watching the news as they are eating dinner. The news reporters were going over the usual stories like houses getting robbed, raising money for charities, and someone dying in a car accident. Farrah always hated hearing bad stories on the news. She wonders why can’t we live in a world with love and peace. It breaks her heart to hear the stories about criminals killing or hurting others for no apparent reason. Farrah finishes eating dinner and went to her bedroom.

Who is Knocking?

Before she goes to bed she says a prayer. Her prayer is about how she wants to put love and peace into everyone’s heart. Right, when she is about to end her prayer there is a knock on her bedroom window. The knock on the window scares her. Farrah was about to run out of her room. She decides not to though. Putting her fear aside Farrah walks up to the window. A fairy appears in front of her. Seeing the fairy right in front of her eyes seems unreal. For some odd reason, she felt comfortable with letting the fairy in her room. The fairy came flying through the window. She smiled at Farrah and told her she’s the fairy of love and peace. Why are you here? Farrah asked. “I heard your prayer,” the fairy said. I want to grant your wish.

Should Farrah Believe the Fairy?

Farrah wanted to believe what the fairy is saying. She doesn’t know if she could trust her though. So, she had to ask one more question. How will I know if I can trust you? Farrah asked. “I can prove it to you.” fairy of love and peace said. Farrah is still unsure. Even though she felt that way she took a chance to get her wish granted by the fairy. The fairy explained to her that the wish she granted is hers to keep forever. Farrah can use her wish whenever she wants. There is no limit to using it.

Did the Wish Work?

The fairy left after she granted Farrah wish. She had wished her luck and told her she’ll visit her again soon. The next morning came around. Farrah couldn’t wait to put her wish to the test. When she rode the city bus an argument started going on. There is a black man getting angry at a white woman because she is acting racist towards him. Farrah thought this is a way to use her wish to bring love and peace. She got up from her seat and yelled: “STOP ARGUING!” All eyes are on her. She gets nervous. She starts off by saying why can’t we all get along? That is the issue in the world now. Everyone wants to give off hatred instead of loving each other genuinely.  I wish everyone would put more love and peace into their hearts.

The Change is Happening

Farrah’s wish goes into full effect. The atmosphere on the bus changes. You can tell the tension disappears. Everyone appears calm now. When they heard her speech, they started to agree with what she is saying. The chaos calmed down. Everyone acted like nothing ever happen. Thanks to her speech and the wish she made that day. Farrah started hearing more good news than bad. It made her happy that she secretly changed the world and most people didn’t know it. The fairy did come back to visit her too. Fairy of love and peace told Farrah that she is happy that the world is changing in a positive way. When she heard Farrah prayer she knew she was someone special. This is why she had no limits on using the wish she asked for.

So, after reading this short story would you want to change the world into a good place? If someone came to you about bringing love and peace into the world would you take the chance? Tell me what you think about Farrah wanting to make a change.

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Reasons Why You’ll Love Netflix Original Shows

Netflix work hard on their projects. They prove it through the movies and shows they produce. You can always count on Netflix to provide you with something good to watch. Here are reasons why you’ll love Netflix original shows.

Guaranteed to be a good show – Netflix makes sure they bring entertainment to their shows. Their story lines are never boring. I haven’t ran into a show that wasn’t good. 

Intriguing Storylines – Even if the genre of the show isn’t something you’ll watch. It will make you curious about the show. Once you start watching the series. You’ll get addicted and have a new favorite show to watch. Their writer’s are creative! 

Amazing Actors & Actresses – Netflix actors and actresses are talented. They are part of the entertainment on the shows. I’m sure some of them are first time actors. You won’t notice because they are good at acting. They are true professionals. 

Diverse – Throughout their shows you’ll notice diversity. They will have characters that are similar or just like you.  Having diversity in their projects tells you a lot about Netflix. They think about representing everyone in their shows. 

Go check out Netflix original shows. You will find a show that will catch your interest. Netflix always bring new shows on the app often. I’ll give you a few suggestions.

A Few Suggestions:

Orange is the New Black

Love Sick

Chewing Gum

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt




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Entice Me with Your Senses

Let your love rain over me

Kiss my lips to make me tingle inside

Touch me to send butterflies through my stomach

Look me in my eyes 

Let me hear your sweet promises

Entice me


Photo by Makhmutova Dina on Unsplash

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That’s What Love Feels Like

Love feels like a warm blanket wrapped around you during a cold winter

Love feels like a good nap after a long day

Love brings happiness you’re looking for

Love feels amazing

Real love doesn’t cause pain

Love heals that emptiness inside

Love feels like the protection you need when you’re in fear

Love does love you back

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash



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Well, This is It!

Well, this is it

You saw my weakness

Pull me into your circle of love

Made me go crazy over you 

Even made me lose myself over you 

What did I get in return?


Heart break…





Well, this is it

No more getting my heart back

No more taking advantage of my love 

No more having my shoulder to cry on 


Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

© Reflection of Des 2017

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5 Reasons Why I Love Playing Sims 4

The first time I was introduced to the sims video game is from my auntie. She used to have the sims on the play station. Once my auntie taught me how to play the game. I haven’t stop playing it since. I do remember the first sims game that came out for your PC. Anyways, as years went by the game has changed dramatically in a good way. The PC game is way better than the sims app game for your phone. Only true sim players would understand what I mean when I say that. Let’s get into 5 reasons why I love playing the sims 4.

Reasons why I love the Sims 4

1) Graphics are High-Quality: Even though you should change the game setting to get a super high quality effect of the game. I love how smooth everything looks in the game. It doesn’t look like jacked up pixels. Even if you don’t change the game setting it still has sort of smoother look to it. That’s if you compared it to the Sims 2 and 3.

2) It’s Realistic: The reason why I say the game is realistic because you can do things the game that you can do in reality. For example, you can create your real family if you wanted to. Also, you can do household chores. There are ways you can travel in the world to go out and have fun. It’s places like the club, café, restaurant plus more things. Another little thing I want to mention is you can have careers on the game and make your own money. Basically, you can create your life in the game or anyway you want to.

3) It Relaxes Me: When I’m having stressful days. I play my sims game to make me feel better. Honestly, it’s one of my stress relievers. It takes me away from reality for a bit.

4) Faster Game Start Up: Compared to the Sims 2 and 3 the Sims 4 loads up waaaay faster! I can remember the times when I wanted to play the Sims 3 and waiting so long for the game to start-up. The Sims 4 loads the game in a split second! I’m glad the developers fixed that problem.

5) Never Get Bored of the Game: No matter how many times I play the Sims. I’m never bored playing the game. It’s always fun challenges to do. Each game play I learn something new. I know that’s crazy to say because I’ve played the game for a long time. It’s true though.

The Sims 4 will always entertain me. I hope the creators keep creating fun thing to do on the game. They already got me hooked on the game. My love for the game will never die.

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20 Reasons why I love my boyfriend 

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now. During the years we went through some crazy situations. Our love for each other won’t stop. He changed a lot for me. He deserves a post about him. I LOVE YOU BABY! (I know he will read this lol).

Reasons why I love my boyfriend

1) He isn’t afraid to show affection towards me

2) He expresses his love for me

3) No matter how crazy I get he’s still there by my side

4) He supports my dreams

5) He has a caring heart

6) If I was dying now he would switch places with me just to let me live longer

7) Whenever I need him he’s right there helping me out

8) If I’m in danger he’s right there to protect me

9) He’s so cute to me! lol

10) My baby can dress

11)  I love his maturity

12) He’s silly like me

13) I know he will be a great father to our future kids

14) Hard worker

15) Treats me like the beautiful queen that I am

16) Don’t let others talk bad about me

17) His intelligence

18) He thinks I’m beautiful even when I don’t get dressed up

19) He’s loyal

20) Faithful to me

My boyfriend is someone who truly loves me. I have nothing to complain about when it comes to him treating me like he’s suppose to. Honestly, I can’t imagine a life apart from him. He has my whole heart. There’s no one else who completes me like he does. I have no doubt that he is the right person for me.

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Be in a Relationship that Makes You Happy 

When you first meet, someone make sure you take your time to get to know them. Taking your time with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend helps you learn what type of person they are. Of course, when you have feelings for someone you’re ready to rush into a relationship. That’s not always a good thing. Sometimes you’ll see warning signs before a relationship starts. The warning signs could be unnecessary lies, flirting with any person they talk to, and disrespecting you. To be honest, we all get into relationships ignoring obvious warning signs.

Most of the time it’s our fault we are in bad relationships. We want to believe that anyone that we like is automatically “the one.” That’s not always the case. This is when you realize you’re not happy with the person. To be happy in a relationship, you must learn the qualities you want in a person. Most importantly you must love yourself first. They always say you have to love yourself first to know your worth.

Everyone deserves a happy relationship. You’ll know when you’re in one because you will start glowing. The relationship will make a positive effect on you. You won’t have any major fights like your other toxic relationships. I mean I know all couples have arguments, but you will be able to pick out a silly argument from a toxic argument. Nobody wants to feel stuck in a miserable relationship.

If you feel like you’re not happy anymore be honest with the person you’re with. This is not an easy thing to do because you may not want to hurt the other person’s feelings. In the end, they will appreciate you for being honest though. You never know they might feel the same way. You deserve happiness! Always remember to stay true to yourself. Don’t let an unhealthy relationship steal your happiness.


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Love the Night Life 

I love when night comes

I get to hear my thoughts clearly

The house is quiet

No one to disturb my peace

I crawl into my fantasy land

My daydreams get richer

I feel more alive

Photo Source: Google Images

© Reflection of Des 2017



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