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Have Faith in Yourself

This message is for YOU. YES, YOU THE PERSON THAT’S READING THIS! Be true to yourself. Follow your heart true desires. You were made to live in your purpose. No matter what obstacles that try to stop you from living your dreams. Be a soldier and fight the battle. You deserve greatness. Stay focus on… Read More Have Faith in Yourself

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Dream Killers Can’t Knock Your Shine!

Don’t you hate dream killers? No matter what you’re trying to do. They say comments to knock you off balance towards success. Dream killers even try to kill your self-esteem. They’re another example of a jealous person or a hater! Love to see you fail to make themselves feel good. That’s not going to happen.… Read More Dream Killers Can’t Knock Your Shine!

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3 Realistic Goals to Achieve (Des Blog-a-thon) #36

As I sit in my room thinking about life. I started to point out 3 realistic goals I want to meet. The following list will be down below…   1. To be happy: There were times when I thought I was truly happy, but that wasn’t true. I spent so much time pretending that everything is… Read More 3 Realistic Goals to Achieve (Des Blog-a-thon) #36


Becoming a Better Me 

When you start focusing on yourself you don’t have time for anybody else Maybe it is harsh but that’s the truth Letting go of all the negativity  Finding ways to keep a positive vibe  If you don’t want to grow into a positive person then you’re not welcome into my life I got goals to pursue,… Read More Becoming a Better Me 

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Taking College Classes Online VS On Campus Classes

From experience with taking classes on campus and doing online classes now. I thought I would share some pros and cons with everyone that I’ve noticed.  Class on Campus Pros  Get an immediate answer from professor  When you need an important question answered by your professor it’s always nice to get the answer right away.… Read More Taking College Classes Online VS On Campus Classes



Maybe my dreams aren’t crazy Why should I hold back because no one supports me Giving up will only leave me full of regret I don’t want to go around asking myself “what if” The only thing that matters is that I believe in myself I’m so focused on my future  That I  may be ignoring… Read More Goals

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3 Latin American Countries I want to Travel to

Honduras: A Caribbean country on the northern part of Central America. Some of their popular foods are Arroz con Pollo (Chicken with Rice) and Honduran tamale. There are tourist attractions like Cayos Cochinos where you can go on hiking trails. Also, the amazing beaches West Bay Beach, Roatan, Playa Negra, and Tela Bay.      … Read More 3 Latin American Countries I want to Travel to