Mi Papi Chulo

*Cue the music* Plays “Papi chulo… (te traigo el mmmm…)” by Lorna Fun toy Playboy Papi Chulo Giving me a thrill Your touch gives me chills Only useful for a good time You make a girl go wild Ay yi yi so suave Mmmm mmmm mmmm Love how you excite me Don’t want our time […]

The Fun Question Tag

Hey, readers, I did some searching on google for a fun question tag. I found one! I want to give credit to Writing Audrey (click on her name to get the questions for the tag). She’s the first blog I came across that had this question tag. Every blogger should do this tag. It helps readers […]

15 Fun Facts about Me

Hi, readers, I know most of you are interested in getting to know me better. I decided to do a post on 15 fun facts about me. I’m hoping everyone enjoys it. I’m sure we will have something in common. 1) I gain a new friend every year. 2) I have a birthmark on my […]


Hello, bloggers, I uploaded a fun video for y’all to watch. I had put it on my YouTube channel also. I think everyone will enjoy this video. It was less serious and showed my fun side a little bit. Enjoy my video. 😊