They looked happy.. 

The couple that looks so in love with each other Wasn’t meant to be together He loves her but still cheats  He’s confused about his feelings  If she finds out what he’s doing  He knows her heart will be shattered  He can’t see her go through another heartbreak  This secret has to go to the… Read More They looked happy.. 


Against the World

It’s always me against the world Picking up my own broken pieces Never feeling whole Empty inside Take a peek And see how I internally died Nobody by my side Letting my soul glide Into loneliness I can’t seem to hide Me against the world is the battle I keep fighting Photo by Adi Constantin on Unsplash LISTEN… Read More Against the World


Dealing with Your Problems Alone

You know what hurts the most is when you have no one to talk to about your problems. Everything you’re dealing with is bottled up inside you. Even the person closest to you doesn’t care about what’s going on with you. They don’t even bother to ask what is wrong when you express to them… Read More Dealing with Your Problems Alone



Active on social media Half ass stories Excuses So “tired” But still on social media though Been “busy” But still on social media though Nothing is adding up Patterns Ghosting for hours Routines Predictable No need to ask questions The signs are there I’m less important on your list of interest It’s cool though I’ll… Read More Patterns


Overthinking 🤯

Sometimes I get caught up in overthinking That’s my bad Those thoughts drive me mad Feeling like a lunatic In my own head It possesses me like an entity Creeps in where it’s unwanted Encourages negative behavior Thoughts got me trapped like I’m locked away in a chamber No one can come in and be… Read More Overthinking 🤯


Beauty She Sees

Beauty Is what she saw when she let happiness in her life Beauty washes over her internally and externally Skin Glowing Blessings flowing Self-esteem high She grew into the person she always wanted to be Life changed her Proving enemies wrong Dreams coming true This is the life she envisions This is the beauty she… Read More Beauty She Sees

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Worst Emotion a Person Can Feel

Heartbreak is the worst emotion a person can feel. It’s a pain you’ll never get used to. The pain can literally kill you inside. When people used to say you can die from a heartbreak. I didn’t take what they said seriously until I had my first one. My heart felt like it shut down… Read More Worst Emotion a Person Can Feel


Letter to You…

You don’t know about my silent cries at night. You’ll never understand how much I still hurt inside from your mistakes. I’m so damage to the point I don’t think I can love anyone anymore. There is an emptiness in my heart. Nothing can make it feel whole again. Sometimes I blame myself for not… Read More Letter to You…

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Coping with Depression (You’re not Alone)

Dealing with depression is tough. It’s even tougher when you feel like you have no one to talk about it with. Depression makes you want to isolate yourself from everyone. There is a feeling of sadness, rage, and a head full of negative thoughts that linger inside of you. Lying in bed all day and… Read More Coping with Depression (You’re not Alone)

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You Snatched My Soul (Des Blog-a-thon) #29

When you told me you never loved me You snatched my soul When you decided to with her and not me You snatched my soul When  you called me a hoe, bitch, and liar You snatched my soul Even after all of that I still loved you                … Read More You Snatched My Soul (Des Blog-a-thon) #29