Common Bad Habits Most People Have (Des Blog-a-Thon) #2

As humans, it’s natural to have a few bad habits here and there. None of us are perfect. In this blog post, you might be able to relate to a few talked about in the list below. Overthinking – Usually over thinking comes from worrying or maybe your mind is trying to tell you something […]

Have You Ever Had That Moment..

Have you ever had that moment when you’re in a public place and a person keeps staring at you? Whenever someone does that to me I feel so uncomfortable. It’s so annoying because they just stare without saying anything. This is mainly the reason why I avoid eye contact with strangers in public. It creates […]

Where Will I End Up?

Zoning out constantly My mind is stirring crazy with ideas Visioning where my life will be going All I want to be is successful  I motivate myself to work hard so I won’t have to live paycheck to paycheck If I don’t follow my dreams I’ll feel like a failure I got to prove to […]


Have you ever had a friendship that you thought would last forever but it didn’t? If you said yes then you’re not the only one. I know that sometimes we outgrow our old childhood friends because eventually yall mature into two different people who don’t share the same interest anymore. There are two outcomes in […]

Making Friends from Different Ethnicities

I have an idea which just popped in my head. I’m interested in making more friends from a different race or ethnicity. As you know from my diversity blog I love making friends with people that don’t have the same culture as me. I was thinking that maybe I can make these type of friends […]

Social Media

Full of relationship or best friend “goals” Making you want to grab popcorn for the juicy drama that’s happening on your timeline Entertains you whether you’re happy,sad, or upset Use for cruelty Spread awful and good news quickly People pretend everything is all good But in reality they don’t have their life together Oh, I […]

Appreciation to my Followers 

Thank you for all the followers that’s been interacting with me. Also I want to say thank you for the ones that took the time to read, like, and comment on my posts. I really appreciate it. Y’all are giving me motivation to do more things for my blog. I’m glad I took the time […]

Interracial Relationships

I decided to write about this topic because it plays a big role in society today. Believe it or not, some people are still against interracial relationships which are surprising to most but not all people. I’m actually in an interracial relationship myself. When I would go out with my boyfriend to certain places we […]


Music is a bird singing a lovely tune on an early morning Music is my therapist when I have problems Music is a key to my heart Music is a body mover Music is a life saver Music is a way to take you to another universe Music is an easy mind controller Music is […]

Daily Prompt: Ghost

The reflection of the old me haunts me like a ghost. I use to feel so  vulnerable and had a lack of confidence. I struggle with being happy with myself which led to depression. Sometimes my mind would make me believe things that weren’t true. Looking at myself in the mirror became depressing because I knew […]