Storytime: She Taped Their Mouth and Hands Shut!

I saw a post that triggered me to tell this storytime. Let me recollect my thoughts so I can take myself back to when everything happened. It’s been so long. This happened when I was a little kid. At the time, I was going to daycare. They had an after school program there. I was in the classroom with my age group and a couple of older kids.

On this day, the kids were behaving worse than usual. The teacher that was in charge of our class thought it would be a good idea to tape the bad students mouth and hands. She thought it would be a good way to discipline the children. Even though, I was young back then I knew that was wrong.  All I remember was her taping their mouth and hands with clear tape. They were like that for a while. If I’m not mistaken their mouth and hands were taped together until their parents came to pick them up. You would think she wouldn’t do that because she could get fired. Also, it’s not the right way to discipline children.

In other words, I guess she was tired of the children. That didn’t give her the right to treat them that way though. There are other ways to discipline children.  I’m assuming the children told their parents about the situation because she did get fired after that incident. Thank God, she did because she could’ve did more harmful things to our class. If you’re wondering why I wasn’t in the group of kids that got their hands and mouth tape. It’s because I was one of the good students. So, sadly to say I had to witness the situation along with the other good kids.

This is exactly why daycare centers need to thoroughly check a person background before they hire them. Even if their background turns out clean. They still need to watch the person behavior towards children. There are some sick people out here in this world. I hate hearing horror stories about how kids get treated at daycare. I believe they should have cameras in the classrooms without telling employees. The only reason why I say that is because if they know a camera is in the room. Then they won’t show their real personality towards kids.

Anyways, sorry for the short story time. This situation happened years ago. I had to try to remember the most important parts of the story. My next storytime will be longer. Tell me if you ever had a crazy situation happen to you as a child at a daycare or with a babysitter. 

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