Today felt like such a long day but overall I had a fun day. For my first class for today I met this girl. She was very nice and hyper lol.┬áHonestly I was glad I had someone to talk to in this class because I didn’t want to feel so awkward. Then we did some interactive activities in the class which I enjoyed.What was even more exciting about today was I saw my old best friend from elementary school. It has been so long since I’ve seen her so when we saw each other we both hugged and was excited to see each other after such a long time. Later on for my evening class I had that one with my best friend so that was a good thing. When we first got there we waited with a small group for our teacher to come to the class. After a while we noticed that it was pass time for class to start and the teacher still didn’t show up. That’s when this girl in the group went to get one of the staff at the school and told him what was going on then he was telling us that he think our class got switch to another classroom. So the man took us to the other classroom . It was already packed with people who were also supposed to be in class. Basically we waited at the other classroom for nothing. The teacher talked for a little bit then we left early. All of my teachers seem real cool so far. Let’s pray that they don’t be a headache later on this semester.