First Day of College (Freshmen Experience)

I had a good first day without any problems. The class I had to attend today was math which I was sort of worried about because I didn’t know what to expect out of my math teacher for the first day. Everything we did was easy plus the class went by so fast it felt like I didn’t even go anywhere today lol. I met a couple of new people who were friendly. Tomorrow I’m suppose to go to my College Skills and English class so let’s see how my day goes tomorrow with those classes. I’ll keep y’all updated throughout my college journey.

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The One I Used to Love

I remember when we first met

Seeing calls or texts from you lit up my world

Everything felt like a fairy tale I didn’t want to end

But then I noticed a change

I got less calls and limited texts from you

You turned into someone I didn’t recognize

By being the loyal person that I am

I stayed talking to you and took all the disrespect

You’ll never know how much you hurt me so deeply

It was a pain that left my heart shattered

I thought you would come comfort me

But when you heard my cries you act like you didn’t care

So to the one I used to love why did you start showing affection when I fell out of love?

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Desi Goodmorning Post

Goodmorning beautiful people (: I know it’s Monday and you probably don’t feel like getting up for work or school lol. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful day though. Try to stay focus while having a positive mindset. Remember to keep a smile on your face!

Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts – Soren Kierkegaard

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Interracial Relationships

I decided to write about this topic because it plays a big role in society today. Believe it or not, some people are still against interracial relationships which are surprising to most but not all people. I’m actually in an interracial relationship myself. When I would go out with my boyfriend to certain places we get weird stares. I don’t know if it’s because they are shocked to see an African-American woman with a Hispanic man. Or maybe they dislike seeing us together.

There are times when it’s uncomfortable because unwanted attention is on us. In my opinion, I don’t care if someone dates another person outside of their race. You can’t help who you love plus all that matters is if the person treats you with respect and loves you unconditionally.  I think it’s beautiful to see couples happy without being judgmental about who they choose to be with.

It is more common to see interracial couples in big cities like New York, Miami, and Atlanta plus more but y’all get my point. Then you get into a state like mine which is South Carolina.  You don’t see too many interracial couples and if you do it’s a Caucasian woman with a black man or vice versa. Then you will see a Hispanic man with a Caucasian woman. I had Caucasian friends in the past that were told by their parents that they could have black friends. When it came to dating a black person then that will be a problem. That would be so crazy to me. I do not see a difference between dating a black person or being friends with them. I’m not trying to throw racism in here so I don’t need anyone to get offended.

In conclusion, I support interracial dating because it shows how others have courage dating someone outside their race to get a new experience or love they haven’t gotten from anyone else. By me saying this I’m not trying to say I’m against anyone that dates within their race. That is totally fine. I just don’t want anyone to get any misunderstanding. So I want to know what’s y’all opinion on interracial dating by commenting down below.

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© Reflection of Des 2016

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Music is a bird singing a lovely tune on an early morning

Music is my therapist when I have problems

Music is a key to my heart

Music is a body mover

Music is a life saver

Music is a way to take you to another universe

Music is an easy mind controller

Music is a wonderful thing

– Destiny A. or Desientertainment

I just decided to share a poem I wrote in middle school. I know its simple but I used to love it and I still do.

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