Hooked up my website

I’m finally satisfied with my website design. It took some hard work but now I finally got everything how I want it to be. I need y’all to comment and tell me if it looks good. ┬áNow it looks more professional I guess but anyways please comment to let me know y’all opinion.

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Music is a bird singing a lovely tune on an early morning

Music is my therapist when I have problems

Music is a key to my heart

Music is a body mover

Music is a life saver

Music is a way to take you to another universe

Music is an easy mind controller

Music is a wonderful thing

– Destiny A. or Desientertainment

I just decided to share a poem I wrote in middle school. I know its simple but I used to love it and I still do.

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Daily Prompt: Ghost

The reflection┬áof the old me haunts me like a ghost. I use to feel so ┬ávulnerable and had a lack of confidence. I struggle with being happy with myself which led to depression. Sometimes my mind would make me believe things that weren’t true. Looking at myself in the mirror became depressing because I knew this wasn’t the type of person I am. I had to lift myself up and remember that being down in the dumps will not solve anything. After everything I went through I grew into a more confident person whom is outspoken when I need to speak up. Sometimes the behavior of the old me will creep up every now and then but I try to keep a positive mindset so I can continue to succeed in life. ┬ávia Daily Prompt: Ghost

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Daily Goodmorning Post

Y’all know I cant let the morning go by without saying Goodmorning to everyone. (: I had a late start this morning but I’m awake now. I pray that everyone has a bless day! Comment to say goodmorning back don’t be shy I’m friendly.

Quote of the Day: Just because I’m strong enough to handle pain, doesn’t mean I deserve it – Charles Aggrey Isaiah Kulang

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Daily Prompt: Carry

Sometimes I feel like I carry all the bad situations from the past into whats on going in the present. ┬áI try so hard not to hold on to the pain but it always reappear in my life. I mean I’m a strong person but I guess I haven’t fully healed from the pain. Possibly it could be because I am an emotional person that cares deeply about my feelings. It’s difficult to understand why the memories keep recurring to my mind. Honestly carrying your past baggage could ruin you internally and externally. Maybe one day I’ll discover my true happiness.┬á via Daily Prompt: Carry

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I’m a big fan of diversity because I get a chance to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. It’s very interesting to me. Honestly I would travel all around the world just to learn about other cultures. I know I might sound crazy to y’all but I would love to have a friend from every race lol. Sometimes I wish others in the world love being diverse just as much as me. Maybe the world would have peace & unity. I know this topic is random but I had to get it off my mind. (:

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