Would you wear it?

Would you wear it?


Destructed jeans

Yellow gold earrings


© Reflection of Des 2017
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Use Positive Words to Describe Yourself

I decided to do an acrostic poem with my full name. You probably did one of these poems in elementary school. I chose positive words that described me. Remember everyone it’s always good to think positive about yourself. For anyone that reads this post, you should try this acrostic poem also. See what positive words that describe you. 




















Do this poem in the comment section using your first name. I enjoyed doing this poem. It’s something fun to do on your spare time. Also, it a good activity to boost up your confidence because you’re finding positive words to describe yourself. You can try other themes with this poem too.

© Reflection of Des 2017

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Why I’m Glad I Discovered That I Have Anxiety

It all started back in middle school when I was in the 8th grade. I noticed a change in myself. I knew the feeling of depression but had no idea what anxiety was then. Reflecting back I realized I showed signs of anxiety. This is why I always felt uncomfortable.

There were times when I tried to explain to my mom how uncomfortable I felt in the school classrooms. She thought I was talking nonsense. I wish she would’ve taken me more seriously back then. Maybe I would’ve found out earlier that I had anxiety. Sometimes she still acts funny when I talk about what I go through with anxiety.

Later on, when I started blogging that’s when I discovered what anxiety was all about. Most people in the blogging world suffer from anxiety and depression. I could relate to them because they been through the same experiences as me. There was a sense of relief to know everything I experience was real and I wasn’t crazy.

As a matter of fact, there are nights that I can’t go to bed without my thoughts running me crazy! Sometimes I wake up feeling scared with my heart beating fast. This is some signs of anxiety. I’m glad that I discovered that I have anxiety because I would still be confused to why “weird” things happen or bother me. Also, because it solved unanswered questions. I’m glad to know there are other people out here that are just like me. I don’t feel so alone anymore talking about anxiety.

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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Memorial Day Weekend

Hey, bloggers, it’s Memorial Day weekend. If you’re not familiar with the holiday Memorial day it’s a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May (Google definition). Are y’all having any family cookouts? In the U.S everyone has family cookouts during this weekend. This weekend I will be having one. I’m praying for everyone to be safe.

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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Foods I Dislike (Des Blog-a-thon) #38

 1. Mushrooms: I will not eat any type of food with mushrooms in them. 





2. Coleslaw: Yuck! That’s all I have to say about. 






3. Potato Salad:  Every time when I see potato salad it’s at family cookouts. If you’re Southern and live in the USA we call it “Tatter Salad” lol. As southerners, we always have a funny way of saying some words. 



4. Cherries: I can eat cherry flavored candy like Jolly Ranchers. I can’t eat real cherries though. They always didn’t taste right to me. 







5. Lemon Peppered Wings: Honestly, I don’t see why people think these wings are so good. The flavor is yucky!! I’ll rather have Buffalo wings. 


6. Raisins: Ever since I was a kid I couldn’t stand eating raisins. I never got used to the taste. They look like little bugs.




I’m not a picky eater but a good bit of foods I won’t eat. Do you like any of the foods that I dislike? What are foods that you dislike? 



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© Reflection of Des 2017


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My Most Popular Blog Posts

Go check out my most popular posts. I know some of you still haven’t read them before. So, I decided to share the posts with you. Enjoy reading them!

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5.  The Blue Sky Tag

6. Why Long Distance Relationships are Special

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8. Des Blog-a-thon 



© Reflection of Des 2017


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Humor for Writers (Pinterest Edition)

As I start to use Pinterest often I realized how much I enjoy the writer memes ( a funny picture or video with words written on them to make people laugh) that pop up on my timeline. Each one that I saw told the truth about what writers go through. Only writers will understand the humor in these memes.

 At first, I do freak out when this happens, but I think I get upset more than panic. I will literally rip my room apart just to find my notebook. 




 The reason why I thought this is funny because I can relate to it so much!! My mind is the busiest at night when I’m trying to sleep. It’s gotten so bad to the point if I don’t get up to write my ideas in my notebook then I’m guaranteed to get no sleep. If this device does get created I’ll be first in line to buy it!! Any other writer’s go through this?


  Lol, this is when you finish writing and realized all the errors you made. It’s like when you thought everything was perfect but reading it clearly showed how excited you were to put the story together and not catching the little mistakes. 






  Doesn’t this happen to us all? I can’t count how many times this has happened to me! 

Pinterest has funnier pictures that you can go check out.  If you are a writer I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I thought they were funny and I hope you did also.




Pictures Credit: Pinterest

© Reflection of Des 2017

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Writer’s Block (Des Blog-a-thon) #37

It’s an annoying feeling

One minute your head is full of ideas

And the next minute it goes completely blank

Helloooo brain WAKE UP!!

Writer’s block why did you have to attack me?

You picked the worse time to do it

I gave myself a strict deadline

Now, what am I suppose to do?

Sit here and wait?

Go away no one likes you!

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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American people, can’t you see the hate that’s spreading in our country? It’s funny how we can come together as a group for other countries, but not for our own. Yeah, there are moments when a certain amount of people protest for positive change. It still doesn’t seem good enough.

More people are getting bolder with racism. I mean it never disappeared which is a problem.”

It saddens my heart when I realized how tarnished the U.S. is. More people are getting bolder with racism. I mean it never disappeared which is a problem. Many videos on social media show proof of it.

You’re sick in the head to hate (yes, I used the word hate) someone because of the color of their skin. Get to know someone before you start judging/disliking them. Have you ever thought about why other countries laugh at us?? They think Americans are “dumb.” And what are we doing? Proving their statement right because of the poor decisions we make as a country. This country is going downhill.

I do admire how some Americans are standing up for justice, equal opportunities,  and less hatred towards each other. Those are the good examples of trying to make a positive change. Too bad they get harsh backlash for speaking up.

It’s nothing about what the people want anymore. The heartless souls of certain American citizens are ruling everything now. All I want is for my country to be peaceful and happy. That statement was simple to say but hard to produce in this cold-hearted country.

There are still good Americans here including me. Sadly to say, the bad ones make us look like horrible people. When will America be a good place? Another tragedy shouldn’t happen for people to open up their eyes to the hatred.

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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Confessions of a Book Lover ❤️📖

Loving books started for me every since I was younger. Friends and family members used to call me a “nerd” or “bookworm”. I paid them no attention cause nothing could stop me from loving to read. My first collection of books were the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park. I blame my elementary school teachers for hooking me on those books lol.

Every time when I went to the store with my mom. I always beg her to buy me a new book. It feels so good to buy a fresh book from the store. I will literally spend hours searching for the “perfect” book before I make a purchase. The title, book cover, or the book description helps me decide if I want to buy it or not. I’m always determined to leave out the store with a good novel. Anyone that’s a book lover like me would understand.

Currently, as a young adult, I still have the same feelings towards books. Whenever I have extra money to buy one I go straight to the book section in the store. Usually, I go to Wal-Mart or Barnes and Noble. I used to go to Books-a-Million since they weren’t as expensive as Barnes and Noble but it’s been awhile since I went there. Wal-Mart may not have a huge variety of books like the other two stores but their prices are way cheaper. So, most of the time I will try checking out what books they have before I go into my other two favorite bookstores.

This is random, but I’ll rather read a print version of a book instead of the kindle version. Reading books from a tablet is cool and all, but let’s face it. It’s nothing like the old-fashioned way of reading books. I love the feeling of a thick chapter book in my hand. It’s more to read and I get add it to my bookshelf.

Anyways, books are the greatest creation that was ever made. I couldn’t imagine myself living in a world without any books. Some of the knowledge I have today comes from books I have read. Shoutout to my mom for feeding my book habit before I was able to buy books with my own money lol!

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