Storytime: The Year My Grandma Died (Part 1)

It was back in 2013 when I was in the 10th grade when my grandmother passed away. I know it was during the evening on September 12th. My mom, sister, and I just got comfortable in the living room eating dinner. It was another normal night for us. Suddenly, my mom phone rang. My auntie had called. She was explaining to my mom that my grandma wasn’t answering her cell phone. Something might have happened.

My mom didn’t make too much of a big deal out of it at the moment because my auntie and grandma always had little arguments with each other. She assumed maybe my grandmother was mad and didn’t want to talk. So, my mom called my grandma but she didn’t pick up her cell phone. She called my auntie to tell her that she didn’t get an answer either. That’s when my mom decided that we were going to my aunt house to see what was going on. My grandmother lived with my aunt at the time. We all put on some decent clothes and left the house. We stayed 20 minutes away from my aunt.

Finally, we got to my aunt house. As we were driving into the driveway of the house we saw the ambulance flashing lights. My aunt was on the ground crying and screaming “MY MOM IS DEAD!” One of the ambulance workers were right beside her and her husband. They were trying to comfort her. After hearing that from my aunt’s mouth we couldn’t believe what was going on. My mom, sister, and I were all crying in the car before we got out.

All I remember is feeling shocked because it happened so unexpectedly. There was a sense of confusion also because at the time we still didn’t know what was the cause of my grandmother’s death. Honestly, I had mixed emotions. I didn’t want to believe what was going on.

To be continued…


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No Point in Getting my Hopes Up 

I hate getting my hopes up

Things never happen the right way

Sometimes I want to curl up in a ball 

And cry forever 

Giving up is the only thing I can do 

Why me??

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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Qualities that Attract a Girl Like Me

I’m not a picky person when it comes to finding qualities that attract me. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. We all have our flaws. I won’t hold your mistakes against you. I like to get to know someone before I talk about what type of person they are.

List of Qualities…

Intelligence: Having knowledge is so important. I mean you don’t have to be the world’s smartest person but I need someone who I can connect with on an intellectual level.

Caring: You have to care about my feelings. I can’t be with someone who is selfish.

Understands when I need space: Sometimes I need “me time.” I don’t always like to feel smothered by my partner. Time away from each other sometimes will give me a chance to miss you more.

Does sweet things for me without me knowing: Surprise me sometimes. You don’t have to buy me gifts all the time. You can write a sweet letter expressing how you feel about me, getting me my favorite food, or listening about my day. Maybe even telling me how beautiful I am.

Loyalty: Loyalty represents if you’re going to stay by myself no matter what we go through. You have to have my back sometimes through certain situations. If you show me loyalty I will give it back to you. It connects with being trustworthy.

Honesty: I can’t trust you if you won’t tell me the truth. Even if my feelings get hurt by your honesty. I will still be happy you didn’t lie to me.

Trustworthy: It’s plenty of people who broke my trust. You have to show me genuine trust. Remember I can sense when someone isn’t trustworthy. DON’T TRY TO PLAY GAMES WITH ME!

I’m not done yet…

Ambitious: You have to have some type of career goals. It doesn’t have to be some high-status job. I will support your dreams as long as it’s nothing illegal.

Nice Smile: I’m a sucker for nice teeth! I want to see your nice smile shine in the sunlight lol. Why do I sound so lame?

A sense of Humor: I’m a goofy person who loves to laugh. You don’t have to be a comedian but try your best to make me laugh somehow.

Positive Person: I will always need positive vibes surrounding me. I can vibe with negative energy.

Kind Heart: You have to have a kind heart because I won’t feel safe with a cold-hearted person.

Maturity: We can play around sometimes. Let’s be honest, some point of time in our lives we have to be mature. I can’t be with a childish person who makes poor choices in life.

Faithful: It’s no point of me getting serious with you if you not going to be faithful. I shouldn’t have to go into deep details with this quality.

The list could go on…

I can name plenty of other things but I’ll stop the list here. These are the most important qualities that attract my attention. Like I said earlier in this post I’m not a picky person. Even if you don’t have all of these qualities. I can still make something work out.

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Be in a Relationship that Makes You Happy 

When you first meet, someone make sure you take your time to get to know them. Taking your time with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend helps you learn what type of person they are. Of course, when you have feelings for someone you’re ready to rush into a relationship. That’s not always a good thing. Sometimes you’ll see warning signs before a relationship starts. The warning signs could be unnecessary lies, flirting with any person they talk to, and disrespecting you. To be honest, we all get into relationships ignoring obvious warning signs.

Most of the time it’s our fault we are in bad relationships. We want to believe that anyone that we like is automatically “the one.” That’s not always the case. This is when you realize you’re not happy with the person. To be happy in a relationship, you must learn the qualities you want in a person. Most importantly you must love yourself first. They always say you have to love yourself first to know your worth.

Everyone deserves a happy relationship. You’ll know when you’re in one because you will start glowing. The relationship will make a positive effect on you. You won’t have any major fights like your other toxic relationships. I mean I know all couples have arguments, but you will be able to pick out a silly argument from a toxic argument. Nobody wants to feel stuck in a miserable relationship.

If you feel like you’re not happy anymore be honest with the person you’re with. This is not an easy thing to do because you may not want to hurt the other person’s feelings. In the end, they will appreciate you for being honest though. You never know they might feel the same way. You deserve happiness! Always remember to stay true to yourself. Don’t let an unhealthy relationship steal your happiness.


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5 Movies Teenagers Should Watch


As a teenager sometimes it’s hard to find movies that you can relate to. You’ll go on Google and sometimes get no luck. Don’t worry I got you. Here’s are 5 movies teenagers should watch.

Just Another Girl on the I.R.T (1992): Even though this movie has strong curse words in it. I think it’s necessary for teens to watch. Well, at least if the teen is mature to handle the language. This movie teaches teens especially young women how careful they should be when having sex. Teen pregnancy is the topic of this movie. You can find this movie on the Starz app. Honestly, I feel like this movie should get watched in early childhood class.

Cyberbully (2011): This movie teaches teens how cruel cyberbullying is. We should this is an important topic teenagers need to talk about. We all know how cyberbullying plays a big role in today’s society.

Freedom Writers (2007): Freedom Writers is a true story about a high school teacher and her students. From my point of view, it can show that no matter who you are. You can make a positive change on others like the teacher Mrs. Gruwell did for her students. Gang violence is talked about in this movie also. This movie was originally a book before it came out as a movie. You can get this book from Barnes & NobleBooks-a-Million, and probably your local library.

Save the Last Dance (2001): In this movie, you’ll see an interracial relationship between Sarah and Derrick. There were some friends and family that judged their relationship. That didn’t stop them from being together to a certain extent. I know there are some teenagers out there who are in interracial relationships that may get judged because who they are happy with. So I think some teens will be able to relate to this movie. By the way, this movie has explicit language in it but mature teens will be able to handle it. 

Bring it on (2000): This funny movie is full of high school teenage drama with cheerleaders. It’s a classic movie. I haven’t met anyone that didn’t like this movie. More females would obsessed over this move than men. I mean there isn’t a specific rule that men won’t enjoy this movie though.


Maybe some of you already seen these 5 movies. It doesn’t hurt to go watch them again. Each one of these movies teach every teen valuable lessons. If you’re a parent reading this you should let your teenager watch the movies listed above. Trust me they will enjoy it.

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Some People Kills Me With Their Negative Comments

First of all, I can’t stand for a person to always say slick comments when you tell them about your situation. When it comes to them telling you their problems they expect you to not say anything negative. This irks my nerves. I know I’m not the only person that goes through this. This is the main reason I stop talking to certain people because I don’t like hearing their negative comments. Having their bad energy around me isn’t helping anything.

That’s the problem with people now they are quick to judge your lifestyle but don’t take the time to listen and view the situation from your point of view. It’s time to leave those people behind. Don’t have any regret about it. I’ll be a shoulder to lean on if you feel like you can’t vent or talk to anyone else. I give no judgment towards anyone. Readers, if you have people in your life that always want to throw negativity in your situation just stop talking to them. It doesn’t matter who they are. If they can’t support you in a positive way then forget about them.

In conclusion, be happy with everything that makes you feel comfortable. I can’t stress that enough. Sometimes you have to show people who their negative comments won’t bring you down and stop you from being yourself. Like the old saying “misery loves company.” Don’t let that misery suck you in.

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Pink and White

ava outfit


Valentino tailored shirt

Stuart Weitzman heeled sandals

Tory Burch leather crossbody
$400 –
© Reflection of Des 2017
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I Love Pink Outfit

I Love Pink Outfit


Nude heeled sandals

Pink glasses

Lime Crime lipstick

NYX makeup

Nail treatment
© Reflection of Des 2017
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Love the Night Life 

I love when night comes

I get to hear my thoughts clearly

The house is quiet

No one to disturb my peace

I crawl into my fantasy land

My daydreams get richer

I feel more alive

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Dedication to the People That’s Taking me for Granted 

You’ll regret not being there when I needed you. I put all my effort into helping each and every one of you out but rarely got anything in return. Now you’re surprised that we don’t talk anymore. Oh well, I’m moving on with my life. I always said when I reach my highest level of success I would share the luxuries with you. Well, that changed cause I realized none of you cared about me the way you should. Yes, I changed because I wanted to become a better person. My eyes opened up to the no good people who I had hanging around for too long. If you’re reading this and it struck your nerve or conscience then you maybe you’re one of those toxic people in my life. I’m not wasting my time and energy on any of you anymore.

– Dedicated to the people who are taking me for granted

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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