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First, let me start off by saying is the movie producers took their time to give a perfect visualization of the book. There’s not a thing I disliked about the movie. I will not put any spoilers in this review so don’t worry.

The Review

Secondly, the movie cast was perfect. Everyone played their roles phenomenally. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine any other people to play their parts. I applaud them for making the movie realistic. My favorite characters were Olly and Madison of course. They made a lovely couple. I respected Olly because he didn’t judge Madison. He truly liked her for her personality. Madison didn’t act like someone she’s not for him to like her.

Throughout the movie Olly was charming! He’s smooth, sweet, and deep with his words. His words touched my soul and I wasn’t even the girl he was dedicating them to lol. Madison is a brave girl. She’s not afraid to take risks. I admired how smart she was also. While spending time being isolated she used it wisely.  I loved her imagination. To be honest, she sort of reminds me of myself.

Third, the music in the movie gave me chill vibes. Each song fits the scenes well. There wasn’t a song that I didn’t like. I’m going to add the movie soundtrack to my playlist. They were slow jams mostly.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention a few other things like how well dressed Madison was throughout the movie, the house decor, and the scenery of the movie overall. For example, every time when Madison changed into a new outfit she had certain colors she’ll wear. Her style was unique in a casual way. The house decor was modern with a flair of color coordination. Also, it was high-tech. In fact, it gave me ideas of how I would like my future house to look.

In conclusion, Everything, Everything got added to my favorite movies list. I wanted to stay in the movie theater to watch it again a few more times. I couldn’t get over the fact how good it was. It did have plot twists I did not expect. I recommend everyone to go see this movie. It’s not your typical teenage love story neither. You will enjoy the movie!


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