Do I have a hidden talent?

Do I have a hidden talent? I ask myself this question many times. Honestly, I don’t know what’s my purpose on earth. I’m aware of things that I’m interested in. Maybe I haven’t had the opportunity to explore things. This is why I wish I could move somewhere that has a variety of opportunities for my career field. It’s very frustrating. Since I started blogging I have noticed a couple of things I’m good at. This gives me more of an understanding of what makes me unique. I know this post was random, but it was something that was on my mind. Let’s have a discussion. Have you discovered your hidden talent? 

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  1. I’d say that discovering hidden talents goes hand in hand with timing. Maybe sometimes you need to mature to be able to realize something about yourself; or you just need a spontaneous experience to poke the talent out.

  2. Well just like me, through blogging i discovered one of my talents. It could take time before you discover your remaining talents, you just gotta be patient

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