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Deadly Phine: A Tale of Urban Terror Book Review

Before I start this book review I want to thank Darrell King for giving me the opportunity to read and review his book. In this book review, it has a few spoilers. Continue reading if you don’t mind reading the spoilers…


Valentino is a drug lord who has HIV/AIDS with the goal of spreading the virus throughout the inner city. He does this to help with the government secret organization (the Illuminati) to reduce America’s black community. Valentino is the perfect guy to do this job. Women can’t resist him, and he doesn’t care about spreading the deadly virus because he does it for the money.

Overall Thoughts on the Book

When I started reading this book I was confused, and it was hard for me to get into it. As I kept reading, further along, I grew to like it a little. Honestly, it had a twist on it I wasn’t used to when I read urban fiction books. I didn’t mind though. The book gives you important and interesting information about the history of HIV/AIDS. Also, as I was reading the way the character was talking sound a little like southern slang to me. By reading the ending of the story Valentino is truly unstoppable. He’ll do anything to survive and for money.

Thoughts on the Characters

Valentino: I respect this man hustle, but I don’t agree with the things he is doing. Especially with pimping young females. The sickening part about him is the fact that he spreads the virus to these young women without them knowing. The only time I did like him a little when he was warning Dr. Goddard not to mess with the young hoes because more than likely they have the virus because he had sex with them. It’s disgusting how he spread the virus too! He knew how to pick the right victims though.

Dr. Goddard: I don’t blame him for feeling unsafe when he was staying with Valentino for a while. Sometimes I get paranoid and I know for a fact I couldn’t do that secret assignment. There are moments when he did act a little uppity though. He didn’t have to judge Valentino just because of the lifestyle he’s living.

Meredith: Her death sounded so painful. It made me hurt inside as I was reading the details of her death. Oh well, she caused everything on herself. She had a lot of lovers but that’s part of the game. She even caught feelings for Valentino which messed her up too because he wasn’t trying to have a future with her. Love will make you do crazy things for real!

Wilhelm: I am on his side when he was wondering why Meredith is messing around with Valentino knowing he has the virus. Then again, it wasn’t like their marriage was perfect anyway. I don’t know why he got depressed about things going wrong in his personal life because he knew his job would cause chaos. Good things don’t last forever.

Overall, the characters in the book played major roles in the book. Everyone had their own agenda. I could I understand their reasons though because I looked at everything from their point of view.

I will give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. The reason why I rated this book only four stars because it had me confused a little bit at first. It did have a good storyline though.  I loved the fact the information about HIV/AIDs were given in the book through each chapter. Also, the author was good at giving strong details of the scenes throughout the book. I recommend everyone to check this book out. If you do get a chance to read it tell me your thoughts on it. This book is suitable for a mature audience.


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