Can’t Force the Love

If you do not want to receive my love Then I can’t force it upon you No need to put up a fight For something that won’t be solid Destined to fall apart And leave me scorn My goal is not to be torn Can’t force a love that won’t be accepted The situation will […]

Reflection of You

You met your match I’m a reflection of you How does it feel to see a mirror Of yourself in someone else body Watching your flaws play in front of your eyes Does it catch you by a surprise? Or you’ll rather stay blind Keeping yourself confined In facing the truth that is revealing Your […]

Hell of a Moment

If you had fucked her while you were drunk or faded You would’ve had an excuse But you fucked her with a sober mind What you did wasn’t a mistake You wanted that moment to happen Stop the acting The smell of bullshit stinks up the air surrounding you The only fool in this situation […]

Tale of the Scar

The scar on my chest That represents a fatal tragedy The wound opens up Gets shred and rip into pieces Repeatedly by lovers who intend to do harm The sorrow it screams out To explain the tale Of resentment Love And Suffering Photo by on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY | ANCHORFM […]

Fail to Mention

I hate to be the person to go ghost on you And keep going through the cycle of coming in & out of your life Hurting you wasn’t my intentions I wanted you but the time wasn’t right Commitment is what I’m not ready for I wish I would’ve provided better actions towards you All […]

Dealings with a Demon

I have my own demons to deal with And you’re one of them Leeching on me like my own skin Sucking me dry Feeding your selfish motives To keep me around You’ll rather see me drown Than value me and see my crown Seeing me weak gives you power That’s why you like to devour […]

Where is my Lover?

I’m looking for my lover Have you seen him? He went ghost and strayed away I’m anticipating the day We can communicate I have a lot on my plate Missing him Didn’t want our relationship to dim Or fall slim Unexpected changes Unfair exchanges The disappearance is eating away at me Feeling guilty And at […]

Accepting Me

I appreciate your patience with me Giving me tender love Accepting my imperfection Showering me with affection You are a blessing Thank you for comforting me Thank you for being supportive Thank you for respecting my worth Thank you for listening to my cries at my darkest moments Thank you for displaying how much you […]


My allure draws you in Intelligence sparks your interest Body frame pleasing your eyes My presence speaks volumes Using my allure to captivate you It’s not hard to do Baby you love the mystery of my persuasion Photo by Bobby Rodriguezz on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | ANCHORFM | GOOGLE PODCASTS  FOLLOW […]

Wish We Never Met

Sometimes I wish we never met My intuition served me right Knew you were the player type I fed into the hype A risk I should’ve taken a step back from But of course I stay optimistic True colors got shown I got left alone You played your part Congrats to breaking a heart Photo […]