Café Visit Turned into Death Note

Tristan sits in the cafe alone drinking his espresso. Espressos always make him happy on stressful weeks. Especially the one he is having this week. He tries not to get himself upset about the current events that are happening at work. As he is getting up from his seat to get another refill. He notices a note in his seat. Thinking to himself “was that note there the whole time I was here?”

What Does the Note Say?

Since Tristan’s curious mind wouldn’t let him leave without finding out what the note says. He picks it up off the seat. The letter reads “Tristan meet me at 2:00 pm in Forest Hill or you will die.” Fearing what the note said Tristan immediately ran out of the café. His phone is left sitting on the table ringing. The caller ID is showing an unknown number calling. Tristan doesn’t have long to get to the secret place. The clock in the café is showing 1:55 pm.

Will Tristan Make it in Time?

As Tristan runs out of the door trying to make it across the street to his car. A car is speeding down the street heading straight towards him. Taking a quick glance in the direction of the car. Tristan hurries and moves out-of-the-way of the car. He almost had a death call before making it to Forest Hill. When Tristan gets into his car he is greeted by a stranger that is sitting in the back seat. The stranger stabs him with a sharp 10-inch blade in his chest.

Do you think the stranger in the back seat was the person Tristan is supposed to meet? If so, tell me why you think that. Do you believe that Tristan dies in his car? If you were in Tristan’s situation what would you have done?


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