American people, can’t you see the hate that’s spreading in our country? It’s funny how we can come together as a group for other countries, but not for our own. Yeah, there are moments when a certain amount of people protest for positive change. It still doesn’t seem good enough.

More people are getting bolder with racism. I mean it never disappeared which is a problem.”

It saddens my heart when I realized how tarnished the U.S. is. More people are getting bolder with racism. I mean it never disappeared which is a problem. Many videos on social media show proof of it.

You’re sick in the head to hate (yes, I used the word hate) someone because of the color of their skin. Get to know someone before you start judging/disliking them. Have you ever thought about why other countries laugh at us?? They think Americans are “dumb.” And what are we doing? Proving their statement right because of the poor decisions we make as a country. This country is going downhill.

I do admire how some Americans are standing up for justice, equal opportunities,  and less hatred towards each other. Those are the good examples of trying to make a positive change. Too bad they get harsh backlash for speaking up.

It’s nothing about what the people want anymore. The heartless souls of certain American citizens are ruling everything now. All I want is for my country to be peaceful and happy. That statement was simple to say but hard to produce in this cold-hearted country.

There are still good Americans here including me. Sadly to say, the bad ones make us look like horrible people. When will America be a good place? Another tragedy shouldn’t happen for people to open up their eyes to the hatred.

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