Have you ever been home alone and felt another presence in the room? Like the feeling was so strong you knew for sure someone else is in the room with you. If you don’t understand what I mean. Basically, I am asking have you ever been in a room alone and it feels like someone else is there too. The crazy part about it is the fact you can feel them but not see them. I always believed it is a dead family member lingering in the room. Maybe if it’s not a dead family member. It could be the presence of a person who used to live in the house before you moved in. I bet this is probably creeping you out. You’re feeling a little paranoid just by reading this. Don’t worry I won’t frighten you too bad.

If you had this experience before does it feel weird to you? Maybe you even thought you were going a little crazy. Trust me you weren’t going crazy at all. The energy you were feeling was real. The only reason I am saying that is because I had the same experience. No, I haven’t seen anything float across the room. All I kept feeling is a person present in the room. Another funny thing about it is the fact that this happens randomly.

Let’s think of another theory. The presence could possibly be the spirit of God coming to visit you. Maybe it’s a way of him letting you know he’s still there for you. Sometimes we need that reminder. That probably didn’t cross your mind until now. This gives you something to think about. There are times we get caught up in worldly problems and we sometimes forget all we need to do is pray to God for help.

Do you have any theories on why sometimes you feel a strange presence in the room? If you had a similar or exact experience share how it made you feel. Did you get scared? Also, let me know if the two theories I mentioned came to mind as you were reading.


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Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash