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4 Reasons Why You’re Not Consistent with Blogging

Blogging, in general, is tough when you try to have a consistent schedule. You want to have your full focus on your blog. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. Even when you want it to. I will tell you 4 reasons why you’re not consistent with blogging.

1) Your life outside of blogging is busy: Life outside your blogging world is probably hectic. Most of us do have crazy situations going on outside of the internet world. It’s tends to cause a big distraction.

2) Feel unmotivated: It’s sucks to not have any mojo about writing when that’s all you want to do. Feeling unmotivated is a case of laziness sometimes. It sucks you in and it’s hard to get out of. You probably feel unmotivated because people haven’t support you like they used to.

3) Overthinking a Topic: Over thinking a topic you want to blog about can turn into a big problem. If the topic is on your mind. Go ahead and write about it! Don’t hold back. Most of the time the topics we try not to write about end up getting good results. It’s like when you’re insecure about wearing an outfit to an event but end up receiving so many compliments on it. Life is about living with no regrets. Take advantage of it.

4) Feeling like your blog is boring: It’s normal to feel like your blog is boring to your readers. You only think that way because you aren’t getting enough feedback. The other reason that might make you feel this way is the fact that you’re not interested in your posts.

There will be a point in your blogging journey when you’ll be able to stay consistent. Balancing your time will help you out a bit. Just keeping pushing through. I promise you everything will start flowing the way you want it to.


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