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4 Reasons Why Summer is Annoying

Summer is the season most people enjoy but it is annoying sometimes. It brings out the most annoying bugs, chaos, and outrageous heat. Some of us know that summer isn’t as glorious as certain people make it seem. Let’s get into 4 reasons why summer is annoying.

Reasons Why…

1) BUGS – Every flying and crawling insect likes to come out during the summer. More than likely it’s because of the hot weather. It’s difficult to enjoy being outside without bugs bothering you. Most people hate to get bit by bugs. The bites cause us to itch and get irritated easily. Bugs are irritating little creatures.

2) The HEAT – Summer is known for its scorching hot temperatures. The heat will drain all your energy. All the heat does is bring out nasty attitudes and have you soaked in sweat. No one likes how miserable the heat makes us.

3) Booked Hotel Rooms – Most hotels are full of reservations when summer comes. This is when everyone wants to go on vacation. If you haven’t booked your hotel room a few months ahead of time. It will be hard for you to find a luxurious hotel that’s not booked. You’ll be lucky if someone cancels their reservations.

4) Keeping Grass Cut – This reason interferes with every season. For some reason, it seems like it’s harder to keep your grass cut low during the summer. Usually, it is because of all the rain this season brings in. A lot of rain makes the grass grow faster. It’s a big headache when you want to keep your yard looking nice all the time.

Overall, summer has its annoying moments. This still doesn’t stop most people from enjoying it though. Don’t let the reasons above change your thoughts on summer. You can enjoy it minus those reasons. What’s the most annoying thing to you about summer? 

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