Finding the perfect store to buy cheap books is difficult if you don’t know where to go. Even though books are not cheap at all. It’s still nice to find some place where to can buy books in your price range. Hopefully, the stores that are listed below become your favorite place to shop for books.

1) Goodwill: If you have this thrift store in your town and city stop by and take a look in the store. They have a good variety of used books. Recently, I went to my local Goodwill store to find some books. The books I bought were very cheap and in good condition. I got 5 books for $4.97 USD. Man, when I walked out that store I felt so good. Imagine if I went to Barnes and Noble. I probably would’ve spent $100 or more on 5 books.

2) Thriftbooks: I have ordered from their website twice. One night I was on YouTube and I discover their site. I was so hyped about it. I felt like I hit the jackpot. Anyways, they are an online site that sells new and used books. You can find any book you can imagine on their site. You only have to spend at least $10 to get free shipping. That’s a deal right there. Most of the book prices start from $3.79 on up. On my first order of books I bought from them I got 4 books for $15.86 USD. The second set of books I order from them I got 5 for books for $20.24 USD. Click here to check out

3) Walmart: If you shop at Walmart to do grocery shopping you should stop by their book section. They update the section frequently. Usually, when I visit their book section they have books that just been released or been out for a while. Most of the time their book prices start at $5.00 or more. I’ve bought a good bit of books out of their store.

4) Dollar Tree: Sometimes this store can have a good selection of books if you’re open to reading any genre. Also, some Dollar Tree stores have a better book selection than others. Make sure you go to a good one. Usually, when I look through their books I take my time and look extra hard through them lol. I’m very picky when it comes to picking out a good book. The reason this store is on the list because their books are only $1.00 USD plus tax. The tax is only like 0.08 though. You will be surprised at what kind of books you are able to find out of there. You may see one of your favorite author books in there.

If you get a chance make sure you check out the stores that were mention in the article. Have you ever bought books from any of the stores that were mention? Do you know any more stores that sell books at a cheap price? If so, feel free to comment the store names.