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There are many apps that you can download from your App Store. Thankfully most of those apps are free to download. Imagine paying for every app you download. That could get a little expensive to a certain extent. I’ll be giving you a list of apps you should download. I tried out each one.

List of Apps

Anchor ⚓️: Easy to use Podcast station that you can join for free. You can create your own radio station on this app. When you first download the app on your phone and use it. There is a full detail tutorial to show you how to use the app. It’s a voice recording explaining everything in the app. Some of the features they have are call-ins (your listeners can call into your station), transcribing your audio recording, and favoriting people stations that you can enjoy. Check the app out to learn what other features it has.

Perfect 365 📸Perfect 365 is a Photoshop app. They have features that let you change your hair, use realistic makeup, and change your eye color. It’s so many features that you can try when you edit your pictures on this app.

Pinterest 📌: Mostly everyone knows about Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can find plenty of DIY projects. You can save anything you find on special boards that you create. You can make more than one board, so you don’t have to put everything you find in the same category. Pinterest is useful if you need help finding new recipes for dinner also. Try using the Pinterest app to learn more about it. Trust me it’s worth downloading on your phone. Follow me on Pinterest too.

Amazon 📦: This app sells anything you can think of. For example, Amazon sells books, clothes, electronics. That’s only to name a few categories. If you join Amazon Prime you can get free 2-day shipping which is great! Especially if you want your package to arrive early than it was supposed to. I tried it and the delivery came right on time.

Wish 🛍: It’s a shopping app that sale affordable/cheap items like phone cases, clothes, and household products. Before you buy anything on there make sure you look at the reviews first. The company is in China. Your shipping days may vary depending on where you live and what company you order from on the app. Click here to watch my Wish app review.

Can you believe there are still people out there that don’t know about some of the apps I listed? It may be surprising to some of you. Comment and tell me what’s your favorite app to use? After reading this blog post which apps on the list you haven’t heard of before? You can download the apps on an iPhone or Android.


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