Soul Capture

*Play Nina Simone “I Put a Spell on You” in the background while you are reading this poem Would you believe me if I told you That I can capture souls? Transform my energy into yours Open up doors Revealing secrets that I swore Not to speak of The power of the spell Unveils a… Read More Soul Capture

Open Letter

Open Letter #10: Tired of Being Everybody Savior

This open letter isn’t a plead for help or a cry for sympathy. I just felt the need to rant how I feel. Sometimes I get tired of being everyone’s savior or their “helper.” Everyone always wants to depend on me for advice or other problems they may have. When will someone be there for… Read More Open Letter #10: Tired of Being Everybody Savior


The Look of Innocence

The look of innocence That fooled her suitors Into thinking she could do no harm Boy, oh, boy they should be alarm She works her magic like a charm They turn a blind eye Cause they think too logical Never giving thought that she’s on a mission Underestimating the innocent face Is their careless mistake… Read More The Look of Innocence


Memories We Share

Memories We share so many… The pictures show our happy moments Our messages show arguments, jokes, and sweet paragraphs Even the anniversaries & surprises crept into my thoughts Every thought of you stays on my mind Wishing the memories would fade But they stay on my mind like a permanent stain Memories… Letting you go… Read More Memories We Share


Letting Fear Take Over

All my fears are coming to surface. They are pressuring me to give up, isolate myself, runaway from what’s scaring me. Fear is a bully that will dig into your most tender parts. Wanting you to crumble into failure. The enemy that can defeat you if you allow it to. I chose not to let… Read More Letting Fear Take Over


The Seed

The seed that grows within The seed I will love forever Blossoming into something special The chocolate skin I will adore The love I will pour Into your pure heart Yes, you’ll be mommy’s sweetheart The seed that will bring joy The seed destined to evoke a beautiful life LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… APPLE… Read More The Seed


Love on You

Let me love on you It’s something you’re not Used to or Familiar with It’s okay to open up to vulnerability Let your emotions run wild You don’t have to be emotionally closed off I know you have a soft spot Security is what I can Provide for you No, I won’t abandon you Baby,… Read More Love on You


Spiritual Self

Connected to my spiritual self And felt free The awakening turned me into The woman I’m supposed to be FREE, FREE, FREE There is a shift in my energy Power in my allure A change in my walk And even in my talk My higher self called upon me Divine timing Doing its job aligning… Read More Spiritual Self


Can’t Force the Love

If you do not want to receive my love Then I can’t force it upon you No need to put up a fight For something that won’t be solid Destined to fall apart And leave me scorn My goal is not to be torn Can’t force a love that won’t be accepted The situation will… Read More Can’t Force the Love


Reflection of You

You met your match I’m a reflection of you How does it feel to see a mirror Of yourself in someone else body Watching your flaws play in front of your eyes Does it catch you by a surprise? Or you’ll rather stay blind Keeping yourself confined In facing the truth that is revealing Your… Read More Reflection of You