Music Makes Your Problems Go Away

No matter what mood we are in. Music seems to cure our problems for a while. All we have to do is find a playlist that fits our mood. Then we vibe to the playlist through our earphones. Vibing to the playlist takes you to a whole other universe. All your thoughts get release into the melody and lyrics of the music. That’s the best feeling ever.

Have you always wonder why music makes us feel better? Music has a special touch to connect to our hearts. Words can’t describe the magical feeling of music healing your soul. It touches a spot no one else can heal. Literally, music is life! 

Music is one thing you can always count on through a troubling situation. Take advantage of the music around you. Music change lives. Let’s not forget how it leaves a positive effect on our mood. It gives us a happy spirit! Don’t you agree? Think about how different the world would function without music. Life would be dull.


Let music take away your problems. Don’t let your thoughts drown you. Soak into the music. Your troubles won’t bother you forever. Stay strong and let music be your cure.

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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Ya’ll Just Don’t Understand

It’s funny how people think they know what’s going on with you just from what you show or tell them. They love to say slick comments because “they already know what’s going on in your life.” You know what let me get right into the point. I always have to pretend that everything is good with me. In reality, it’s not that way. I have to deal with my mood swings, anxiety, and depression. There are so many days and nights I cry out of frustration, hurt, and anger. Most people around me don’t understand how hard it is to deal with that. Plus, trying to balance having a “normal” life.

Then I don’t have anyone I fully trust or that understands what I go through internally. I’ve tried to express how I feel about things too many times to certain people in my life. It doesn’t work out because they act like they don’t care. That’s why I keep things to myself. Yes, I know it’s not good to keep everything bottled up inside. What else am I suppose to do?

I guess writing helps me pour out my feelings. It’s probably why God gave me this gift to write. It helps me to release bottled up feelings and connect to my readers. That’s the bright side of everything. People just don’t know how strong I am. Not everyone has a strong state of mind to turn everything negative in their life into something positive.

This is why I try not to focus on the negative in my life. I hate feeling upset and emotional. Everything is better when I stick with being positive through every situation I deal with. It’s true when they say everything happens for a reason. I know in the near future I will find my happiness. I can’t wait to life my life the way I want it.

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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Well, This is It!

Well, this is it

You saw my weakness

Pull me into your circle of love

Made me go crazy over you 

Even made me lose myself over you 

What did I get in return?


Heart break…





Well, this is it

No more getting my heart back

No more taking advantage of my love 

No more having my shoulder to cry on 


Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

© Reflection of Des 2017

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Stop Being Afraid of Long Distance Relationships

Stop being afraid of long distance relationships. They’re just like any other “normal” relationship besides the distance. People be like ” I don’t like long distance relationships because the person will cheat.” Or they will say “you never know what the person is doing when you’re not around.” Have any of you heard of the word called TRUST?

Stop trying to assume the worse out of long distance relationships without trying one. If the person you’re with cares about you. They won’t give you a reason to lose trust for them. Also, if they are doing something behind your back. You’ll get a funny feeling that they aren’t being faithful to you.

Anyways, don’t let assumptions get in the way of your fate. Your soulmate may be the person you get into a long-distance relationship with. Would you let distance stop you from being in a relationship with your soulmate? Long distance relationships teach you about your character, decision-making, and loyalty.

 So, what’s your point?

My point is people love to talk negative about long distance relationships. Most of them NEVER had an experience being in one. Once you tell someone you are in a ldr (long distance relationship) then suddenly they become an expert on long distance relationships. Throwing negative comments at you telling you why you shouldn’t be in that type of relationship. If you are in one ignore their comments. You shouldn’t let them make you feel some type of way because you’re not in a “normal” relationship. Prove to them that you can make a long-distance relationship work out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Be happy with who you are with. Don’t be ashamed of your ldr! Enjoy your relationship to the fullest.


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Long Distance Relationships Aren’t Bad

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Why are You Jealous?

Let’s all say this together “I know my worth, how beautiful I am, and I’m smart.” REPEAT “I know my worth, how to beautiful I am, and I’m smart.” Thinking positive about yourself is important. Wear confidence like it’s your skin. Nobody opinion about you should matter. If they have negative opinions about you then their jealous.

Jealous people like to tear others down. That’s because their unhappy. Best thing to do is not give them the attention they want. They feed off negativity. By you ignoring them it will crush their feelings. That’s a good thing because they will learn you’re not worried about them. You have better things to focus on.

Another thing jealous people try to do is knock off your focus. You can’t let them do that. You’re in control of your happiness. Jealousy is an ugly trait. Don’t let jealousy rub off on you. You’ll turn into a bitter person. Being bitter and jealous won’t get you anywhere in life.


Wait I’m not finish yet

The purpose of this article is to tell you that no matter how much jealousy someone has towards you. It shouldn’t bring you down. You shouldn’t have to change who you are just to meet their expectations. Live for yourself!  When you’re succeeding in life people true colors show. If they suddenly start acting different with you when you’re doing good in life. Then they never wanted you to better yourself. The only thing they should do is support you. Love, support, and positivity is stronger than jealousy. Surround yourself around people who value LSP (love, energy, and positivity). Question for my readers do you have or had someone who is jealous of you? 

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© Reflection of Des 2017


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To Society…Sorry I’m not Perfect

Sorry, I’m not beautiful enough for you

Sorry, I’m not “perfect”

Sorry, I don’t “fit in” with the crowd

Sorry, I’m not into drama

Sorry, I don’t act foolish on social media to go viral

Sorry, I can’t get accepted into society

These sorries aren’t for sympathy

I’ll never be perfect for society

I’m okay with that

I love myself

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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Don’t Know What to Blog About? Here’s Tips for You!

There are days when bloggers struggle with what to write about. Most of the time our brains are burnt out from writing. Another problem is we may have posts already in our draft. We just don’t want to post them because it’s still not finish. Well, since I run into those problems like any other blogger. I thought I’ll give a few tips.

Don’t know what to blog about? Here’s Tips for You!

Take a day off – Even if you are concerned that you won’t get much traffic on your blogging day off. You can always re post your old blog posts on your social media account. It’s always a few people out there that haven’t read those posts already. Taking a break from blogging for a day or more can help you get yourself together. Your brain should relax sometimes.

Be Honest with Your Readers – Explain to your readers you don’t know what to blog about for that day. Maybe you can switch roles and ask them what are topics you should write about. I’m sure they will like that.

Plan Ahead of Time – Planning ahead of time isn’t always easy. Some of us don’t have extra time to do that. Try your best to start a schedule. Maybe your planning days can start on Sunday. That will give you time to plan for the next coming up week.

Buy a Writing Prompt Book – You can buy a writing prompt book from Barnes and Noble and Books-a-million. I brought two of my books from Barnes and Noble. They’re not expensive at all. So, you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money on one. It’s good to have one on your writer’s block days. There are so many random topics that you could write about.

These are the two books that I have.






Google Topics to Write About – Of course, it is common sense to go on the internet and search topics to write about. There are plenty of other good websites that gives you new ideas.

Before you go…

Before you go I’m going to give you a few topics to write about. I wasn’t going to let you leave without helping you out some more. Don’t worry I got you!

1) Worst babysitting experience

2) Experience moving to a new state

3) What’s your family tradition during Christmas or Thanksgiving

4) Favorite Vacation

5) Goals for this Fall

6) Embarrassing moment you had in public

7) One thing you hate about social media

8) First time you lost something important to you

9) What made you start blogging

10) What’s your favorite school memory

I’m hoping these tips help you out. Now it’s time to put your mind in focus mode. GET TO WRITING! 

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Would You Believe Me?

Would you believe me if I said I didn’t love you anymore?

Would you believe me if I said we weren’t meant for each other?

Would you believe me if I said I hate you?

Would you believe me if I said I can’t forgive you? 

Would you believe me if I said I still cry about the things you did to me?

I know you can’t handle the truth

But I still wanna know… 

Would you believe me? 

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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5 Reasons Why I Love Playing Sims 4

The first time I was introduced to the sims video game is from my auntie. She used to have the sims on the play station. Once my auntie taught me how to play the game. I haven’t stop playing it since. I do remember the first sims game that came out for your PC. Anyways, as years went by the game has changed dramatically in a good way. The PC game is way better than the sims app game for your phone. Only true sim players would understand what I mean when I say that. Let’s get into 5 reasons why I love playing the sims 4.

Reasons why I love the Sims 4

1) Graphics are High-Quality: Even though you should change the game setting to get a super high quality effect of the game. I love how smooth everything looks in the game. It doesn’t look like jacked up pixels. Even if you don’t change the game setting it still has sort of smoother look to it. That’s if you compared it to the Sims 2 and 3.

2) It’s Realistic: The reason why I say the game is realistic because you can do things the game that you can do in reality. For example, you can create your real family if you wanted to. Also, you can do household chores. There are ways you can travel in the world to go out and have fun. It’s places like the club, café, restaurant plus more things. Another little thing I want to mention is you can have careers on the game and make your own money. Basically, you can create your life in the game or anyway you want to.

3) It Relaxes Me: When I’m having stressful days. I play my sims game to make me feel better. Honestly, it’s one of my stress relievers. It takes me away from reality for a bit.

4) Faster Game Start Up: Compared to the Sims 2 and 3 the Sims 4 loads up waaaay faster! I can remember the times when I wanted to play the Sims 3 and waiting so long for the game to start-up. The Sims 4 loads the game in a split second! I’m glad the developers fixed that problem.

5) Never Get Bored of the Game: No matter how many times I play the Sims. I’m never bored playing the game. It’s always fun challenges to do. Each game play I learn something new. I know that’s crazy to say because I’ve played the game for a long time. It’s true though.

The Sims 4 will always entertain me. I hope the creators keep creating fun thing to do on the game. They already got me hooked on the game. My love for the game will never die.

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Problem With WordPress

Hey readers, for some reason WordPress been acting weird for the past two and a half days. I have the app on my phone. When I try to write a post and save it in my draft on my phone it shows an error. Another thing I did was delete the app off my phone. Then I downloaded it right back on my phone. I’m still having problems with the app. I did notice they updated the phone app also.  Even when I try to reply back to people comments on my blog it won’t let me also. Good thing I can post from my WordPress admin. If it wasn’t for that then I probably wouldn’t be able to post like I want to.

Is anyone else experiencing any weird problems with WordPress? I don’t know if it’s because I did the new update that’s why it’s acting up or what. Hopefully the problem is going to get fixed. I’m going to give the developer’s time to fix the problem also.

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