In Case You Miss These Posts (Des Blog-a-thon) #16

In this blog post, I’m going to provide everyone the links to a few of my posts that y’all maybe never seen before. Enjoy my throwback posts. Maybe I should have posted this for tomorrow lol.

Links to my throwback posts

 Things to do when you’re sad:

My Top 3 Favorite Netflix Shows

My Favorite Childhood Tv Shows:

I Have a Facebook Like Page for my Blog

Why it’s good to Read?:

Why Long Distance Relationships are Special

© Reflection of Des 2017

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Feeling Lazy Today 😫😕

Hey, bloggers, I have no idea why I have no energy to do anything. Ugh, I hate when I’m this way. I’m suppose to be studying for my exams, which is tomorrow. I pray that I do good on both of my exams. I’m confident that I will though. Another thing that is annoying me today is I’m craving Mexican food so bad!! Too bad I can’t go get some. If I could I’ll be flying out the door lol. I’m waiting on the grease to heat up so I can cook pizza rolls. Is everyone having a good day?? 

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I’m Feeling Cute Outfit (Message from me Included)



A Day Out
Ladies, this is a cute outfit to wear on a day that you run a few errands. The key word is “few” because no one wants to be walking in heels doing over 10 errands lol. Your feet will be hurting. If you can stay in heels for a while then I congratulate you cause I couldn’t do it! – Reflection of Des


Blue Vanilla cut out crop top
$26 –

Gianvito Rossi leather pumps
$775 –

Larsson Jennings roman numeral jewelry
$290 –

Ilia lip shine
Would you wear this outfit? 
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Adding Something New to my Blog 

Hello, bloggers, I know some of you may have seen me posting different outfits on my blog. It probably had everyone confused like “what is she doing?” Lol. Anyways, I have decided to post content from my Polyvore account onto my blog. If you don’t know what Polyvore is here is the article that explains what it is about. The reason why I decided to do this is because I want to make my blog even more versatile. I thought I would be a good idea because sometimes we all need inspiration when it comes to putting outfits together for special events or casual attire that makes us look good. I mean I’m not a professional stylist but I’ll like to be helpful somehow with creating stylish outfits for some of you. It will mostly be outfits for women but I’ll try to work on some outfits for men if they are interested. The outfits will be under the “Fashion Styles by Me” category tab on my blog.  I just wanted to give everyone an update on what’s happening on my blog.
© Reflection of Des 2017

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Slay Day ☀️😍🙌🏾

Slay Day ☀️😍🙌🏾

Blue shirt

White pants

Lana 14k gold earrings

Henry London slim watch
$175 –

Steve madden mens shoes

Jeffree Star lipstick


Hair styling tool
$26 –

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