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Don’t Creep Anyone Out with Your Profile Picture

On social media, it’s always good to have a profile picture. If you don’t have one it is sort of creepy especially if you try to follow or give a friend request to people you don’t know. Most people will think you’re a fake account. Nobody likes to accept anyone without a picture.

For the people who do put up a profile picture. Is your profile picture presentable enough to make people feel comfortable to follow you? Or does it scare them off?  A presentable picture would be a nice picture of you smiling. You can even get your model status on and make different facial expressions or poses for a good profile picture. A creepy profile picture, such as a picture of you holding a knife in your hand with bloodshot eyes. Who wants to follow a person that has that as their profile picture? First of all, it’s scary. Second, it shows that the person is a little crazy.

Don’t get me wrong I know people love having silly pictures as their profile picture. Sometimes certain pictures are not funny to everyone. Just keep that in mind. If you’re a comedian or a person that likes being silly all the time. Please let it be known for the people who don’t know you personally. So, they will understand your silly or outrageous pictures.

When someone follows me on social media that I do not know. I always overview their profile before attempting to follow them back. First, I start with reading the stuff that they post. Then I see if they have any uploaded pictures that don’t make it obvious they’re a fake profile. Also, I try to see what location the person is from. It helps me to figure out if they are from my area and we might have a mutual friend. If the person location is not in my area that is cool too. I like making friends from all over the world. Last but not least I read their bio. It helps me learn about their personality a bit.

In conclusion, your profile picture can help or hurt you with gaining followers. As they all say, your first impression is important. Don’t scare or creep people out with your picture. What makes a profile picture creepy to you? Share your thoughts in the comment section.



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