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Why Glorify being a Hoe?

As I scroll down my timeline on social media. I always see many young women glorify sleeping around with other women boyfriends or husbands. It disgusts me. Why would you want to take credit for doing something like that? Where are some of these women morals? Women who think this is a cute thing to do should be ashamed of themselves.  I hate that society today is so messed up that they boost these women head up. They make it seem like it’s a good thing to act like a hoe. I mean everyone makes silly mistakes but at some point of time you’re old enough to know right from wrong.

My definition of a hoe is a person who has sexual intercourse with many people and doesn’t care who it is. I had to let everyone know that so they can get a clear understanding what I’m talking about. Social media play a big role into why girls think it’s okay to sleep around with other people’s boyfriends or girlfriends. Many guys give these girls attention because they know these women are easy and they can get anything they want out of them. There are even some memes on social media that make jokes about being a hoe to make it seem like it’s a good thing.

Think about how some of these celebrity or regular everyday women get famous. I’ll give you a few examples Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, and goal diggers that try to date every million or billionaire. I know some of them may have changed their lives into something positive but their past keeps haunting them. That’s exactly why it’s important to be careful what you do in life. I understand that sometimes you have to make decisions you’re not proud of. Please don’t think doing hoe activities is the only way to reach a high level of success. I’m just not comfortable with how society loves glorifying hoes but don’t acknowledge a woman who has respect for herself and doing something positive. This is why most men try to disrespect women. They love reflecting on all these women on social media that don’t have self-respect for themselves.

Let’s have a discussion

Everything that I mentioned in this post is my opinion. I’m not a person that judge others so don’t take what I said in an offensive way. If you agree with some of the points I made in this post. Let’s have a discussion in the comment section! If you disagree with some things I said feel free to comment also.

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