Where I Been Lately?

Hey readers, I know I have been gone lately. I feel so bad for not posting as much as I used to. Honestly, I’m having writer’s block. I literally don’t know what to write about. On Instagram and twitter I did ask my followers should I write a short story or poem. Majority of the votes said short story. I was satisfied with the results. The only thing with that is now I have to think of what I want the story to be about. Man, I need some type of inspiration. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment topics. I just want to get out of this writer’s block. I hate when I am not consistent with posting on my blog. It’s something I love doing but now I’m getting distracted I guess. Soon I should be posting interesting content for you all. Everyone goes through this phrase as a writer so I shouldn’t feel too bad. I hope everyone is enjoying their evening.


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2 thoughts on “Where I Been Lately?

  1. I know the feeling of writers block.
    One time I wrote a poem about writers block lol
    I guess what I do is I watch my favorite TV shows and movies and pick the favorite episodes with the most powerful lessons that relates to my life and use that as a guide to write a story or poem.
    Example the movie
    Aladdin was in love with jasmine but ashamed that he was poor so he used genie so he could become rich to impress jasmine by using a false disguise.
    So maybe you can write a story about a person living a double life
    I wish you luck

    1. Lol I have wrote a poem about writer’s block too. You gave me a great idea. I’m going to try that out. Thanks 😊

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