When You’re Having “One of Those Days”

I don’t know what’s going on today but I’m having “one of those days.” It’s a day where you feel frustrated, irritated, & want to release some stress. I just want to sleep my day away and forget everything. Don’t you hate when you’re not feeling like yourself?

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This is when you have to draw yourself out of the present moment you’re in and figure out what’s really bothering you. Is it everything you been holding in lately, overthinking, or somebody said something to make you feel some type of way? If so, trick your mind into going in relax mode. Tell yourself that how you’re feeling is just temporary and everything is going to be okay. Sometimes that helps me ease some tension. You should try it.

Also, do some activities to release how you’re feeling. You can write out how you feel, workout, or vent to a person you trust. Anything that is a positive outlet to let you express yourself works. Try to not let your frustration ruin your whole day. Of course, it’s hard not to be in a shitty mood because everything seems to be getting to you. Turn the negative into a positive. Just like how I wrote this article to express a little bit about how I was feeling. It made me feel somewhat better.

Even though you may feel like isolating yourself try not to do that for too long. It can cause you to feel a little worse. Like I was saying earlier trick your mind in relax mode to ease some tension. Your mind is a powerful tool.

If you have any more tips on how you stay calm during a bad day share it in the comment section. Your tips or advice could help someone out. When is the last time you had a frustrating day?

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3 Replies to “When You’re Having “One of Those Days””

  1. I definitely can relate. I journal when my nerves are getting to me, but I also like to read to take me away from my own reality.

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      Oh yes reading helps too.

  2. On bad days I usually select a scary movie to watch because it touches my nerves and distracts me from everything else or I just take a long walk listening to music.

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