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She Waits in the Park

Before I get into the short story. I want to let everyone know this is my first time doing something like this. The story will be about a girl looking around for someone and waiting for them at a park. The question is who is she waiting for. Can you guess who she was waiting on? Use your first guess. You can think inside or outside of the box. Keep reading because you’re about to find out.

She’s waiting on…

She I mean Melissa is waiting for her boyfriend at the park. Earlier he sent her a text saying “We need to talk. Meet me at the park at 4 pm.” Melissa let him know she will be there at 4 pm. Like any other person in a relationship, she’s worried about what he will talk to her about.  She knows that she hasn’t done anything wrong but for some reason, after receiving the text she feels guilt.

The Overthinking Starts

As Melissa is sitting at the park waiting for Josh (her boyfriend) she starts to over think. As her thoughts are running through her head she’s thinking “well he has acted weird lately.” He hasn’t let her touch his phone in the past month. Usually, he doesn’t care if she’s on his phone. That’s one thing Melissa notice that was different lately. Now she starts wondering if he’s cheating on her. Thinking about that makes her blood boil. Then she tells herself Josh wouldn’t try to cheat on her. He proves every day (except for lately) that she is the only woman he loves. Stopping herself from over thinking Melissa looks down at the phone checking the time. The time on the phone shows it is 5 minutes after four. “What’s taking him so long,” Melissa thinks while sitting on the bench anxiously.

His arrival

Just as she was about to dial Josh number to see where he is. Josh is walking straight towards her. He looks nervous and has a worry expression on his face. It gives Melissa conformation something is going on. Finally, Josh approaches Melissa. He explains to her that he would’ve made it on time if the traffic wasn’t backed up. Now that he is in front of her he can tell her what’s been on his mind. He starts off by saying “Melissa you’re a gorgeous, intelligent, and a very ambitious woman.” Everything that I ever wanted in a woman is all the qualities that you have, Josh explains. Then he tells Melissa that his life is complete with her in it. Melissa appreciates and admires the love Josh is expressing to her but she is still curious about what’s about to happen next. When she brings herself out of her thoughts that’s when she hears Josh say “there is one important question I have to ask you, Melissa.” Bending down on one knee in front of Melissa. Josh asks Melissa “Will you marry me?”

What’re your thoughts? 

Now that you read the story do you think Melissa said yes to Josh? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. Let me know if you think I did well in writing the story. In the beginning, did you guess correctly on who Melissa was waiting on? Also, before you start commenting did the story give you a plot twist? I want to hear everyone feedback. Maybe there will be a part 2…




Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “She Waits in the Park

  1. I loved story
    The creativity is profound and very well articulated

    Alright my first was God becuase in the picture it looked like she was praying becuase I saw the girls hands folded in a praying position so I guess I was wrong
    Second guess was a boyfriend/male friend
    Third guess was a close female friend
    Fourth guess was a child who is a preteen between the ages of 9- 12.

    As I was reading the story, for some reason I had a feeling he was going to propose. I guess becuase the common situation of this would be to break up with her but life is full of surprises and I think of the unexpected all the time.

    Now will Melissa say yes?
    Hmm good question
    What I think is if there’s a part 2, I think this is all a dream and part 2 will be Melissa waking up out her bed miserable becuase
    1. Josh broke up with her and she still in love with him
    2.Josh actually did propose but died before the wedding date.
    3. Josh is a crush in her class that she been in love with for ages

    This was a good story and keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read the story. I love your theory of the story. If I do get a chance to do part 2 it will have things in it that you probably wouldn’t imagine.

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