Before you read part 2 make sure you first part 1 of She Waits in the Park.

Part 2 Begins

Josh is down on one knee waiting for Melissa response. She hesitates for a while. Melissa wants to say yes but she’ll be wrong. There is a confession she needs to make. How can she tell him that she’s pregnant with twins by his father? Yes, you read that right. Melissa is pregnant with Josh’s father baby. Melissa starts to speak “Josh, I have to tell you something.” What is it, Melissa? Josh said. “I’m pregnant baby but… Josh gets excited “I can’t believe you’re pregnant! The baby came at a perfect time. What else you have to tell me?” Melissa tells Josh she’s pregnant by his father.

After Josh heard that come out of Melissa’s mouth he wanted to rip her head off. At that moment his world crashes down. Melissa could see how hurt and angry Josh was. She felt guilty but relieved the secret is finally out. Baby, I know you’re hurting. I didn’t me– “Melissa would you shut the hell up? How could you do this to me? That’s the lowest thing you could ever do to someone!” Josh yells out in frustration. Everyone in the park is staring now. Josh walks off and rushes to his car. Melissa gets up to chase after him. She’s moving too slow to catch up with him.

Josh isn’t finished yet

Josh gets in his car and starts speeding to his dad house. He couldn’t wait to curse his dad out. This situation hurt Josh real deep. Josh gets to his father house. He gets to the front door and starts banging on it. “OPEN UP THE DAMN DOOR!” No one is coming to the door. This is weird because it never takes longer than 2 minutes for someone to come to the door. Josh decides to try his luck. His right-hand turns the doorknob. To his surprise, the door opens. When he walks in he sees his dad dead on the floor laying in a pool of blood…

Should I do part three to this story? How did part two make you feel? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Who do you think killed Josh’s father?


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