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Violence in America

Every time I look at the news or get on social media I see some type of new crime happening. Mainly the crime consist of someone is getting shot. Innocent people are getting killed. It’s a shame that the country who is supposed to be united is getting torn apart by violence itself. America is turning into a place you would less likely want to be at this point. It shouldn’t be this way. No one should have to live in fear because the majority of America is inhumane. THE VIOLENCE HAS TO STOP!

People here always want to talk about how disgusted or sad they are about the violence but still don’t do anything about it. Obviously, some of them don’t care as much as they say. Then again individuals have their own ways of making a positive change in the world. Thank God for the people who do take action. We still need more people who stand up against the violence and isn’t afraid to speak up. We have been quiet for too long.


How long is it going to take to open people eyes to realize that gun violence itself is a huge problem. Everyone wants it for protection which I understand that point of view. The only thing about having a gun is the group of individuals who use it for the wrong reasons and take advantage of it. Aren’t you tired of seeing innocent people dying? Or worrying about if your LOVED ONES or YOU are going to live to see another day. This is truly sickening to the stomach. Sometimes I believe it is good that the majority of us get to see how cruel the world is. This is a way to spark someone to do better and make a change.

Then we have the bad side of certain people viewing the violence. You know we live in a monkey see and monkey do (copy what others are doing) type of world. They love copying the negative but slow on trying to copy positive actions.

You see it’s a back and forth situation with the violence because everyone processes it differently. I hope people will come together more to stop the chaos that’s going on. It shouldn’t have got this bad anyway. What’s your thoughts of the violence in America or in the world in general? Do you constantly worry what’s going to happen next? Do you believe there will be a change in the near future? No thoughts or opinions are off limits. Remember to be respectful to others if you do share your opinions though.



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