Things You Should Blog About

Before you start reading deeper into this article. I’m not going to give you some bullshit advice (excuse my language). It’s not going to sound cliché either. So, let’s get right into it.

One thing you need to remind yourself is that YOU are in control of what goes on. This is YOUR blog not anybody else stuff.  You can post anything that you choose. Don’t over worry yourself about having a certain “niche” to focus on. I believe that is most of our problem. We get caught up in trying to focus on some certain criteria. It takes away from our creativity and holds us back on expressing how we feel. You will always find yourself thinking “are my readers or subscribers going to like this?” Will they stop reading my content because it’s not what they are expecting to read on my blog? That’s one thing you shouldn’t pressure yourself to worry about.

Normally when you read advice about what should your blog be about. Every person mentions a “niche.” Yeah, a niche is cool to think about and everything but honestly, in my opinion, it’s not too important. Of course, you want people to understand what your website is all about. I completely get that point. Eventually, they will understand what you’re all about. Just go with the flow of things.

When you are first starting out with blogging just create anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter one day you’re talking about painting a portrait then the next day you post about walking a dog. As long as it represents topics you enjoy writing about that is all that matters. The main goal of a blog is to write what you are passionate about right? That is why they create certain categories to place things in.

Instead of labeling yourself as a beauty, travel, or fashion blogger. Think of your blog as a simple lifestyle blog. Calling yourself a lifestyle blogger can give you a chance at being versatile on your site. If you are not cool with that like I said before it is YOUR blog. Do whatever you want.

The point I am getting at is when you are in control to bring your creativity to the light. Stop letting minor things hold you back. Especially, if you want to create your own blog. Blogging is a way to express yourself through writing and sharing it with the world. When you stay in tune with being yourself. It will shape your site into the most unique piece of work you ever put together.

If you read this article to the end. What are some challenges do you expect to face when creating blog content? Are you worried your blog won’t be good enough? Share your thoughts in the comment section. If you are already a blogger share some more advice to other bloggers.


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5 Replies to “Things You Should Blog About”

  1. You’re SOOOO right! I recently posted a prayer on my blog and I was so skeptical about it then I had to understand that my relationship with God is apart of me and I shouldn’t worry about how anyone might take that. If they choose to believe in something else, thats perfectly fine and my blog isn’t bashing anything else but simply shedding further light on the things I believe in. Its so easy to get caught up in a certain blog or to put an expectation or limitation, but as you stated, that limits your creativity too! Im glad you shared this because its honestly confirmation that Im not crazy for thinking this lol

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      Exactly, never hold back on what you want to blog about. Believe it or not most of the things you hold back on are the posts that your readers tend to love reading. Lol no, you’re not going crazy at all. Thank you for taking your time to read my post also. I really appreciate it.

  2. Interesting post!
    For me I write poetry so I post poems on a daily.
    My poetry covers a variety of different topics.
    I try out different thing with my poetry.
    Once in a while I try to be creative by making riddles and have my followers fill in the blank, or I create a poem with a multiple choice at the end, and once in a while I will post real life deep questions that make people think.
    Overall I do blog for other people to read, but I blog mostly to impress myself and I only post topics that I enjoy rather if people are wit it or not

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      Thanks! It’s good that you blog about whatever makes you happy. I’m going to check you out because it sounds like you post amazing stuff 😊

      1. Alright I would appreciate that ☺☺
        I wrote over 130 blogs
        I would say December was when I posted my most intense creative blogs ☺

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