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Things to do when you’re sad 😭 

Watch funny videos on YouTube 

If you watch YouTube videos on the regular you probably have some favorite YouTubers of yours that know how to make to laugh. Binge watch their videos. After a couple of videos, you should be laughing your butt off! Trust me it works.

Write out your feelings 

Whether it’s on your social media page, on a piece of paper, or in a blog post writing out your feelings can relieve some emotion. This can be a good outlet. 

Vent to someone 

Talking to someone you trust and willing to listen to your problems is a blessing. It’s not easy to show your vulnerability to someone.  Saying what’s on your mind will help a whole lot. Especially if the person listens without judging you. 




Listening to music 

Putting on a playlist that you love can lighten up your mood. Even if it’s sad songs they are still pouring out your feelings. Music cures everything. Well at least in my opinion it does. 

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