The Blue Sky Tag

Hello, bloggers,  I received my first tag from another fellow blogger Victor. I’m excited to do my first tag. Victor gave me really good questions to answer so I’m eager about that also. Thanks again Victor for tagging me. EVERYONE GO CHECK OUT HIS BLOG


  1. Give 11 questions
  2. Tag 11 people
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you

Answers to Victor Questions

  1. Do people find you hilarious? Be honest. Yeah sometimes I have my moments where I can make people laugh, but I’m no comedian.
  2. Where do you see your work in the next five years? At it highest level of success
  3. What is your current occupation? Currently, I’m a college student. I don’t work now.
  4. What do you hate in a person? Someone that has a smart mouth and tries to be rude every chance they get.
  5. Have you ever felt like and thought you were/are the only person on earth? No, not really
  6. To you, what does it mean to live an ideal life? Living happily without life struggles 
  7. Define kindness in your own words. Kindness is when you genuinely do something for someone without no hesitation because they deserved it. Even if they don’t at least you cared anyway. 
  8. Do you have any addiction? If yes, what is it? Yes, I have an addiction to eating Hawaiian bread lol. I love the sweet taste it has to it!
  9. Do you have any hidden talent? I have no idea I’m still looking for it.
  10. If you were another person, do you think you’d love the real you? Yes to a certain extent even though I have my crazy moments.
  11. What do you find attractive in a person? It has to be their appearance, personality, future goals, and loyalty.

Bloggers I Tag…

  1. LoveKatelynnrose
  2. Kristina Steiner
  3. abeautifulintellect77
  4. Kirti
  5. McApple
  6. idiotviews
  7. Julie Sheppard aka Reiko Chinen
  8. Elsie L.M.C
  9. Joseyphina
  10. Phayteas Pulse
  11. MissBBlogzThingz

Questions for the people I tagged

  1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
  2. Do you believe there are still good people in this world?
  3. What’s your favorite ice cream?
  4. What will be your next vacation?
  5. Have you ever done something you regret?
  6. What’s your favorite tv show?
  7. What’s the last dream you had?
  8. Do you believe in karma?
  9. What’s one memory from your childhood you won’t forget?
  10. Have you ever had a bad experience with someone on WordPress?
  11. Did you enjoy my questions?


7 Replies to “The Blue Sky Tag”

  1. Hey Girl! Great Tag! Loved your Questions! I will post it soon♡
    ThnQ So much!

    Hugz & Kisses,
    Miss B.💋

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      Hey thanks 😃 I’ll be ready to see your answers.

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers and I will answer your questions as soon as possible. Thanks for the tag.

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      Okay thanks. You’re welcome 😊

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