Dealings with a Demon

I have my own demons to deal with And you’re one of them Leeching on me like my own skin Sucking me dry Feeding your selfish motives To keep me around You’ll rather see me drown Than value me and see my crown Seeing me weak gives you power That’s why you like to devour… Read More Dealings with a Demon

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When Someone Takes You for Granted

The worst feeling in the world is being there for someone and they don’t appreciate it or take you for granted. They never realize how you ignore your own dreams, intuition, and well-being. It’s crazy how you will sacrifice a lot caring for someone. That person only will learn their lesson when you stop being… Read More When Someone Takes You for Granted


Life Expectations for Yourself

Life doesn’t always go as planned. You can set many goals for yourself, but that doesn’t avoid life obstacles. No matter how hard you try there is that one thing that gets in the way. Whether it’s your fear to move forward, distractions around you, or a variety of other reasons. Life never treats us… Read More Life Expectations for Yourself


Accepting Me

I appreciate your patience with me Giving me tender love Accepting my imperfection Showering me with affection You are a blessing Thank you for comforting me Thank you for being supportive Thank you for respecting my worth Thank you for listening to my cries at my darkest moments Thank you for displaying how much you… Read More Accepting Me


Wish We Never Met

Sometimes I wish we never met My intuition served me right Knew you were the player type I fed into the hype A risk I should’ve taken a step back from But of course I stay optimistic True colors got shown I got left alone You played your part Congrats to breaking a heart Photo… Read More Wish We Never Met


Frustrated in Love

Need space apart To protect my heart Got to stop myself from loving you Frustration fills me Because the love won’t fade Distance only makes my heart yearn for you more I can’t take this anymore Whether you’re near or far my love will remain Frustrated in love My intuition is saying “run away” But… Read More Frustrated in Love


Comfortable Pain

Why am I so comfortable with pain? And afraid to be happy Pain is what I expect I soak it in like my skin does the sun on a hot summer day Happiness is foreign to me Pain gives me unexplainable safety Not ashamed to admit I’m used to it Finding comfort in pain A… Read More Comfortable Pain


Numb Feeling

At this point I feel numb Empty Heartless Distant No love is left in me There’s a black hole inside My compassion died I have no affection to give Or emotional fulfillment Hopefully I can heal from it Or be less difficult to deal with Hiding this numb feeling is impossible Watch me grow into… Read More Numb Feeling


If You’re Feeling Mentally Drained Take A Break!

Feeling mentally drained can affect you in many ways. It can affect your work life, take you away from your personal goals, and drive you insane. You slowly deteriorate internally. That’s why it’s best for you to take control of yourself. So, if you are feeling mentally drained take a break! You need that break… Read More If You’re Feeling Mentally Drained Take A Break!


Can’t Stop Thinking

My mind is going crazy Can’t sleep anymore because of the over thinking Try to find things to relax my mind It only helps for a short amount of time When will I ever get a break from these negative thoughts? Stop thinking Stop thinking How can I stop when the anxiety keeps me awake?… Read More Can’t Stop Thinking