Deceiving People Can Fool You 

There are some people out there who are deceiving. When you first meet them, they give you the impression that they have pure intentions. When in actuality their intentions are to feed their own selfish needs. Once you get to know the person on a deeper level. Certain things that they do starts to make sense. For example, when they come around other people everyone starts acting differently towards them. When I say different I mean everyone is having a good time then suddenly, their mood turns sour. When a certain someone comes around. The vibe is thrown off. A person presence can tell you a bit about them.

Deceiving people can come in the forms of a friend, stranger, or family. They could be someone who’s rich or poor. You’re getting the point, right? If anyone ever fooled you into thinking they’re a sweet person and care about you. Then later they transformed into a person you don’t even recognize.  Don’t feel like you’re stupid. This happens to all of us. It shows you how you should be careful with trusting others. Everyone is not trustworthy.

Remember that deceiving people love taking advantage of the weak. Try not to show your vulnerability too quick. Some people can sense it quicker than others. Also, they will try to play mind games with you. I’m sure you’re catching my point by now. So, tell me have you ever encounter an incident with a deceiving person or people? Like you thought they were a good person but their goal the whole time was to trick you into thinking that. Let’s have a full discussion in the comment section.



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Why are You Jealous?

Let’s all say this together “I know my worth, how beautiful I am, and I’m smart.” REPEAT“I know my worth, how to beautiful I am, and I’m smart.” Thinking positive about yourself is important. Wear confidence like it’s your skin. Nobody opinion about you should matter. If they have negative opinions about you then their jealous.

Jealous people like to tear others down. That’s because their unhappy. Best thing to do is not give them the attention they want. They feed off negativity. By you ignoring them it will crush their feelings. That’s a good thing because they will learn you’re not worried about them. You have better things to focus on.

Another thing jealous people try to do is knock off your focus. You can’t let them do that. You’re in control of your happiness. Jealousy is an ugly trait. Don’t let jealousy rub off on you. You’ll turn into a bitter person. Being bitter and jealous won’t get you anywhere in life.

Wait I’m not finish yet

The purpose of this article is to tell you that no matter how much jealousy someone has towards you. It shouldn’t bring you down. You shouldn’t have to change who you are just to meet their expectations. Live for yourself!  When you’re succeeding in life people true colors show. If they suddenly start acting different with you when you’re doing good in life. Then they never wanted you to better yourself. The only thing they should do is support you. Love, support, and positivity is stronger than jealousy. Surround yourself around people who value LSP (love, support, and positivity). Question for my readers do you have or had someone who is jealous of you? 

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The Truth Doesn’t Always Hurt

Sometimes the truth doesn’t hurt

I need to hear your honesty

Have you ever thought about maybe I feel the same?

Don’t hide anything from me

When I said I wanted the truth I meant it

Don’t try to play me as a fool

Remember the truth doesn’t always hurt


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Dedication to the People That’s Taking me for Granted 

You’ll regret not being there when I needed you. I put all my effort into helping each and every one of you out but rarely got anything in return. Now you’re surprised that we don’t talk anymore. Oh well, I’m moving on with my life. I always said when I reach my highest level of success I would share the luxuries with you. Well, that changed cause I realized none of you cared about me the way you should. Yes, I changed because I wanted to become a better person. My eyes opened up to the no good people who I had hanging around for too long. If you’re reading this and it struck your nerve or conscience then you maybe you’re one of those toxic people in my life. I’m not wasting my time and energy on any of you anymore.

– Dedicated to the people who are taking me for granted

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My dreams tell my future 

I don’t know about anybody else but when I dream about things they come true. Have you ever experience dreaming about something at night and it comes true?? I guess that’s a sense of déjà vu. I did a little rhyme there lol. Anyways, I swear most of the time I dream about things that end up coming true. It’s like I dream about my future. Sometimes, I think that it’s awesome because I can expect what will happen next in my life. When I wake up from my dreams I always try to figure out the meaning behind it. There are hidden messages that I have to put together in order for me to easily understand it. I like the challenges because I’m a deep thinker. In dreams, you don’t exactly understand them at first, but later on it, all starts making sense. In my opinion, I feel like dreams are a way for people to see their own future. It just takes special kind of people to figure out the hidden message. So, if you read this blog post tell me what’s your opinion on the meaning of most dreams? 

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Definition of a Best Friend 

Talk to me on a regular 

Someone I can call during a tough time

Find time to check on me even if they are busy

Make plans to hang out often

Being trustworthy 

Never turn fake or switch up on me

Keep everything we talk about between us

Too bad it’s not easy to find a true friend like this….


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