Deceiving People Can Fool You 

There are some people out there who are deceiving. When you first meet them, they give you the impression that they have pure intentions. When in actuality their intentions are to feed their own selfish needs. Once you get to know the person on a deeper level. Certain things that they do starts to make […]

Why are You Jealous?

Let’s all say this together “I know my worth, how beautiful I am, and I’m smart.” REPEAT“I know my worth, how to beautiful I am, and I’m smart.” Thinking positive about yourself is important. Wear confidence like it’s your skin. Nobody opinion about you should matter. If they have negative opinions about you then their […]

The Truth Doesn’t Always Hurt

Sometimes the truth doesn’t hurt I need to hear your honesty Have you ever thought about maybe I feel the same? Don’t hide anything from me When I said I wanted the truth I meant it Don’t try to play me as a fool Remember the truth doesn’t always hurt   Please like my Facebook Page: […]

Dedication to the People That’s Taking me for Granted 

You’ll regret not being there when I needed you. I put all my effort into helping each and every one of you out but rarely got anything in return. Now you’re surprised that we don’t talk anymore. Oh well, I’m moving on with my life. I always said when I reach my highest level of […]

Definition of a Best Friend 

Talk to me on a regular  Someone I can call during a tough time Find time to check on me even if they are busy Make plans to hang out often Being trustworthy  Never turn fake or switch up on me Keep everything we talk about between us Too bad it’s not easy to find […]