Open Letter

Open Letter #9: Loving Myself is the Best Decision I Ever Made

The self-love journey is an experience that will help you learn about yourself at an intimate level. When you go into this journey you decided that your happiness matters, and you will start putting yourself FIRST! Nobody said the self-love process is easy but it’s not impossible either. When I chose to start loving myself… Read More Open Letter #9: Loving Myself is the Best Decision I Ever Made


Life Expectations for Yourself

Life doesn’t always go as planned. You can set many goals for yourself, but that doesn’t avoid life obstacles. No matter how hard you try there is that one thing that gets in the way. Whether it’s your fear to move forward, distractions around you, or a variety of other reasons. Life never treats us… Read More Life Expectations for Yourself

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Have Faith in Yourself

This message is for YOU. YES, YOU THE PERSON THAT’S READING THIS! Be true to yourself. Follow your heart true desires. You were made to live in your purpose. No matter what obstacles that try to stop you from living your dreams. Be a soldier and fight the battle. You deserve greatness. Stay focus on… Read More Have Faith in Yourself


4 Ways to Make Yourself Happy

We all want to find new ways to make ourselves happy. Sometimes we are looking for a healthy change or a better lifestyle. Either way, you deserve to live a happy life. I’ll give you a few ways you can make yourself happy. 1. Think positive thoughts: It’s always good to think positive about yourself.… Read More 4 Ways to Make Yourself Happy

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Start Living for Yourself

There is a point in your life when you must start living for yourself. When I say start living for yourself I mean making yourself happy and not letting anyone or anything get in the way of your happiness. You have to break old bad habits. Explore new opportunities or hobbies. Figuring out how to… Read More Start Living for Yourself

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Tips on How To Support Others

Showing support towards others shouldn’t be as hard as most people try to make it seem. Some people would rather see someone struggle instead of helping out at least a little bit. I guess society has most people scared to show genuine support towards another person because you’re helping “competition.” Why can’t everybody win and… Read More Tips on How To Support Others


Time to Love Yourself

Love Yourself It’s time to put yourself first. Why are you holding yourself back? You deserve to be loved. Your 1st love has to be yourself. Falling in love with yourself is the sweetest love you will experience. No one else love can compare to the love you have for yourself. It’s true when they… Read More Time to Love Yourself


5 Ways to Deal With a Nightmare

Nightmares come and go when they feel like it. The worst part about it is the fact we can’t control when it happens. It leaves us waking up in fear and not wanting to fall back to sleep. In this article, you will read a few tips that may help you if you are having… Read More 5 Ways to Deal With a Nightmare

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Things You Should Blog About

Before you start reading deeper into this article. I’m not going to give you some bullshit advice (excuse my language). It’s not going to sound cliché either. So, let’s get right into it. One thing you need to remind yourself is that YOU are in control of what goes on. This is YOUR blog not… Read More Things You Should Blog About

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Rushing into Relationships Isn’t Always a Good Idea

Rushing into relationships isn’t always a good idea. You didn’t take the time to learn the other person’s personality. Did you even figure out what you want out of a relationship before you rushed in one? Maybe you did, and everything worked out fine. Let’s think about the bad outcome like things didn’t work out.… Read More Rushing into Relationships Isn’t Always a Good Idea