Only To Wish For..

I wish I could capture your attention But I feel unnoticed by you Maybe you stare when I don’t notice Or secretly search me up on social media to see what’s going on How can I impress you without looking foolish? Scared to speak up because of the fear of rejection Daydreaming about you makes… Read More Only To Wish For..


Can’t Stop Thinking

My mind is going crazy Can’t sleep anymore because of the over thinking Try to find things to relax my mind It only helps for a short amount of time When will I ever get a break from these negative thoughts? Stop thinking Stop thinking How can I stop when the anxiety keeps me awake?… Read More Can’t Stop Thinking


Dealing with Your Problems Alone

You know what hurts the most is when you have no one to talk to about your problems. Everything you’re dealing with is bottled up inside you. Even the person closest to you doesn’t care about what’s going on with you. They don’t even bother to ask what is wrong when you express to them… Read More Dealing with Your Problems Alone


My Random Thoughts 💭 February 7, 2018

My head is always full of random thoughts. Sometimes I believe I think more than an average person. There are times when my thoughts drive me crazy 😜. In this article, you’ll read my random thoughts and get a little taste of what’s in my head. Why am I so random? Why is it raining… Read More My Random Thoughts 💭 February 7, 2018


I’m the Snake That’s Going to Bite

Girl, I’m the snake that’s going to bite My venom will poison you internally I gave you warnings Did you catch them? I’ve been plotting for a while now Time is finally winding down This will be payback for the betrayal I’ll watch the venom torture you slowly Remember I’m the snake that’s going to… Read More I’m the Snake That’s Going to Bite

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I Drove Myself Crazy 

Readers I drove myself CRAZY!! Honestly, July doesn’t feel like a good blogging month for me. It seems like too much is going on. I know soon it’s going to get hard trying to balance blogging and going back to school on campus. There are so many blog posts in my drafts that I haven’t… Read More I Drove Myself Crazy 

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My dreams tell my future 

I don’t know about anybody else but when I dream about things they come true. Have you ever experience dreaming about something at night and it comes true?? I guess that’s a sense of déjà vu. I did a little rhyme there lol. Anyways, I swear most of the time I dream about things that… Read More My dreams tell my future 

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Have you ever had a friendship that you thought would last forever but it didn’t? If you said yes then you’re not the only one. I know that sometimes we outgrow our old childhood friends because eventually yall mature into two different people who don’t share the same interest anymore. There are two outcomes in… Read More Friendships


I Need a Prayer

Life is getting tougher and tougher Once you think everything is all great It all comes crashing down like an airplane that ran out of fuel Trying to pray to God but you believe that he doesn’t hear your cries I know life wasn’t going to be perfect But I guess I didn’t expect it… Read More I Need a Prayer


Social Media

Full of relationship or best friend “goals” Making you want to grab popcorn for the juicy drama that’s happening on your timeline Entertains you whether you’re happy,sad, or upset Use for cruelty Spread awful and good news quickly People pretend everything is all good But in reality they don’t have their life together Oh, I… Read More Social Media