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Have Faith in Yourself

This message is for YOU. YES, YOU THE PERSON THAT’S READING THIS! Be true to yourself. Follow your heart true desires. You were made to live in your purpose. No matter what obstacles that try to stop you from living your dreams. Be a soldier and fight the battle. You deserve greatness. Stay focus on… Read More Have Faith in Yourself

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Writers with Anxiety Create Great Ideas

Since anxiety causes you to think nonstop and replay events in your head. It can lead to creating ideas out of life situations. As a writer, you always need fresh ideas so anxiety helps out in its own special way. You have to think about this in a positive way. When your thoughts are running… Read More Writers with Anxiety Create Great Ideas

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3 Realistic Goals to Achieve (Des Blog-a-thon) #36

As I sit in my room thinking about life. I started to point out 3 realistic goals I want to meet. The following list will be down below…   1. To be happy: There were times when I thought I was truly happy, but that wasn’t true. I spent so much time pretending that everything is… Read More 3 Realistic Goals to Achieve (Des Blog-a-thon) #36


Where Will I End Up?

Zoning out constantly My mind is stirring crazy with ideas Visioning where my life will be going All I want to be is successful  I motivate myself to work hard so I won’t have to live paycheck to paycheck If I don’t follow my dreams I’ll feel like a failure I got to prove to… Read More Where Will I End Up?

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Being Successful at a Young Age

This has been bugging my mind lately. All I keep dreaming of is being successful at a young age. I just think it’s too late for me now because I’ll be turning 19 in November. I know that might sound crazy to y’all and you’re probably thinking I’m still young. For some reason, I feel… Read More Being Successful at a Young Age