Your Hunger

Your body will crave for me on your loneliest nights It’s going to be hard to put up a fight I’m the only thing that can feed your appetite You can’t handle a small bite You need the full course Come feed your hunger And wait no longer Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST… Read More Your Hunger


In Lust

Lusting for a soft touch Passionate kisses Foreplay Backshots Feeling of pleasure when you’re inside Give me what I want then leave No attachment or commitment Come feed my addiction Need it to fill my empty spots Lust is all I need to keep me whole Forever in lust never in love Photo by Anabel F.… Read More In Lust


A Taste of Your Lover

Lust in your eyes Fantasizing about tasting between those thighs Or how it feels to be inside Be careful what you feen for The sweet juices will have you addicted Having a sweet tooth that will never wear off Wet dreams Hearing screams of pleasure  Can you handle getting a taste of your lover?  Photo… Read More A Taste of Your Lover


Too Many Sex Partners

Sex is a feeling that many people crave. In some situations, it can turn into an addiction. Nowadays sex is no “big deal” to most people. The real problem comes into play when a person starts having too many sexual partners. Hey, I’m not trying to bash anyone in this article so calm down. I… Read More Too Many Sex Partners


Nobody Takes Sex Seriously

Nowadays certain people give out sex like a free advertisement. Like damn you can’t get to know a person before you give up the goodies. That’s why STDs get spread around. No one wants to check a person health status but wants to bust it wide open just because he or she are sexually attracted… Read More Nobody Takes Sex Seriously