Only To Wish For..

I wish I could capture your attention But I feel unnoticed by you Maybe you stare when I don’t notice Or secretly search me up on social media to see what’s going on How can I impress you without looking foolish? Scared to speak up because of the fear of rejection Daydreaming about you makes… Read More Only To Wish For..


Letter to You…

You don’t know about my silent cries at night. You’ll never understand how much I still hurt inside from your mistakes. I’m so damage to the point I don’t think I can love anyone anymore. There is an emptiness in my heart. Nothing can make it feel whole again. Sometimes I blame myself for not… Read More Letter to You…

Des Blog-a-thon

What I Look Forward to Every Week (Des Blog-a-thon) #32

To be truthful every week I look forward to putting out new posts for my blog. I don’t plan out ideas for the week ahead of time. Most of my blog topics come to me naturally without me stressing what to write about. I’m blessed to have natural ideas. Sometimes it’s not easy for others… Read More What I Look Forward to Every Week (Des Blog-a-thon) #32


Life in Shambles

I remember when there was a time I had my life all together Had less worrying No thinking about how I’ll survive another day One little situation changed everything One problem after another Close friends started acting differently Family stop being there for you when you needed them the most God didn’t put me through… Read More Life in Shambles


Daily Prompt: Melody

  You are the rhythm of my heart beat Your soft touch against my skin makes me crave you Our  kisses are intoxicating The look in your eyes gravitate me towards you If you’re poison I want to be wrapped in your venom    Turn my pain into pleasure       We will moan… Read More Daily Prompt: Melody