Lynn’s Close Call

Lynn phone alarm ring *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.* The phone kept ringing until she finally turned over to push the stop button. The time on the phone showed 7:00 am. Lynn has to be at work at 8:30 am. She hurried up out of bed so she could wash and get dress. After she finishes […]

Urban Fiction Books You Should Read

Finding urban fiction books are tough if you don’t know any good authors or bookstores who sell those type of books. Even when I was younger it was hard for me to find books by black authors. When I finally discover where to get urban fiction books it felt like heaven. In this article, I […]

Best Places to Read

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect place to read. Most places are so noisy and full of distractions. No one likes to get distracted from a good book right? You’ll read about the best places to read. Library: The library probably was your first thought also. It’s the perfect place to read because the […]

Café Visit Turned into Death Note

Tristan sits in the cafe alone drinking his espresso. Espressos always make him happy on stressful weeks. Especially the one he is having this week. He tries not to get himself upset about the current events that are happening at work. As he is getting up from his seat to get another refill. He notices […]

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko is an American singer. Most people know for her famous lyrics in Omarion song Post to be when she says “you gotta eat the booty like groceries.” She has a total of 5 albums. Recently, she came out with her new album Trip. Since I am a big fan of her and her […]

My Most Popular Blog Posts

Go check out my most popular posts. I know some of you still haven’t read them before. So, I decided to share the posts with you. Enjoy reading them! 1.  Reason why you might feel worthless 2. 10 Drake Quotes to Remember 3. Can you connect to my soul? 4.  Do You Know About Polyvore? 5.  The […]