Apps You Should Download ūüďĪ

There are many apps that you can download from your App Store. Thankfully most of those apps are free to download. Imagine paying for every app you download. That could get a little expensive to a certain extent. I’ll be giving you a list of apps you should download. I tried out each one.

List of Apps

Anchor ‚öďÔłŹ: Easy to use Podcast station that you can join for free. You can create your own radio station on this app. When you first download the app on your phone and use it. There is a full detail tutorial to show you how to use the app. It’s a voice recording explaining everything in the app. Some of the features they have are call-ins (your listeners can call into your station), transcribing your audio recording, and favoriting people stations that you can enjoy. Check the app out to learn what other features it has.

Perfect 365 ūüďł:¬†Perfect 365 is a¬†Photoshop app. They have features that let you change your hair, use realistic makeup, and change your eye color. It’s so many features that you can try when you edit your pictures on this app.

Pinterest ūüďĆ: Mostly everyone knows about Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can find plenty of DIY projects. You can save anything you find on special boards that you create. You can make more than one board, so you don’t have to put everything you find in the same category. Pinterest is useful if you need help finding new recipes for dinner also. Try using the Pinterest app to learn more about it. Trust me it’s worth downloading on your phone. Follow me on Pinterest too.

Thriftbooks: This app sells new and used books for very low prices. The prices range from $3.79 USD and up. I have purchase books from their site and had no problems at all. If you spend at least $10 you get free shipping. That’s one thing I love about this company besides the fact I can buy many books at a low price. If you’re a bookworm you will fall in love with this store.

Wish ūüõć: It’s a shopping app that sale affordable/cheap items like phone cases, clothes, and household products. Before you buy anything on there make sure you look at the reviews first. The company is in China. Your shipping days may vary depending on where you live and what company you order from on the app. Click here to watch my Wish app review.

Can you believe there are still people out there that don’t know about some of the apps I listed? It may be surprising to some of you. Comment and tell me what’s your favorite app to use? After reading this blog post which apps on the list you haven’t heard of before? You can download the apps on an iPhone or Android.




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Humor for Writers (Pinterest Edition)

As I start to use Pinterest often I realized how much I enjoy the writer memes ( a funny picture or video with words written on them to make people laugh) that pop up on my timeline. Each one that I saw told the truth about what writers go through. Only writers will understand the humor in these memes.

 At first, I do freak out when this happens, but I think I get upset more than panic. I will literally rip my room apart just to find my notebook. 




¬†The reason why I thought this is funny because I can relate to it so much!! My mind is the busiest at night when I’m trying to sleep. It’s gotten so bad to the point if I don’t get up to write my ideas in my notebook then I’m guaranteed to get no sleep. If this device does get created I’ll be first in line to buy it!! Any other writer’s go through this?


¬†¬†Lol, this is when you finish writing and realized all the errors you made. It’s like when you thought everything was perfect but reading it clearly showed how excited you were to put the story together and not catching the little mistakes.¬†






¬†¬†Doesn’t this happen to us all? I can’t count how many times this has happened to me!¬†

Pinterest has funnier pictures that you can go check out.  If you are a writer I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I thought they were funny and I hope you did also.




Pictures Credit: Pinterest

© Reflection of Des 2017

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6 Tips for Studying (Des Blog-a-thon) #34

Studying isn’t always fun, but we have to do it now and then. We all know it helps to study for a test because¬†you’re likely to pass it. I’m not saying that it’s necessary for every situation, but it does give good results. Maybe the tips that you will read down below will make it easier for you to gain good study habits now or in the future.

1. Find a Quiet Area: This is an important tip. Studying in a quiet area helps your brain process information better. It would be hard to study in a noisy area because it knocks off your concentration. A quiet area could be the library, bathroom (yes, I said bathroom), closet… etc.

2. Use Flash Cards: Flashcards come in handy when you have to learn new vocabulary words to learn definitions to. Put the vocabulary word on the blank side of the card. On the side with the lines write the word definition. You can get a pack of flash cards in a dollar store (Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar), Wal-Mart, and Staples. Honestly, it could be any store you can buy school supplies from.

3.¬†Make up silly ways to remember info:¬†Let’s be real when you come up with silly/creative ways to remember anything it sticks in your mind faster. Also, it’s easier to remember the material you studied for your test. This could be in the form of a song, video, drawing…etc. If you think about it this is another way to make studying fun.

4. Study with someone else: Studying isn’t the most fun thing ever. Why not study with someone else to make it exciting? This tip is only useful if both of you are serious about studying. I mean it doesn’t always have to be serious all the time, but you don’t want to waste your time studying with a friend or classmate without learning anything for the quiz or test coming up. Make sure the information you’re studying is the correct information for the quiz or test.

5. Take Breaks: You don’t need to strain your brain too much. Taking 10 minutes breaks throughout studying is fine. It helps your brain relax from all the information you were going over. Sometimes when you study too long without taking a break it can mess up your concentration or maybe give you a headache. Don’t overwork yourself.

6. Listen to music with headphones: Listening to music while studying is relaxing. Especially if you have special headphones to use. They can block out any outside noise. The best headphones are Bluetooth¬†headphones. They are comfy on your ears¬†and easy to move around with. If you don’t believe me click here to read the article about the best Bluetooth¬†headphones. No one wants to use a pair of uncomfortable headphones while they’re trying to study while listening to music right?

All of these tips will help you if you put it to good use. Everything in this post is from my experience. If any of these tips help you let me know.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

© Reflection of Des 2017

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Cute Baby Shower Ideas from Pinterest (Des Blog-a-thon) #27

I get on Pinterest now and then. ¬†I came across cute baby shower ideas. I have a whole board full of ideas for a baby shower lol. Pinterest always has a way to trigger your creativity. I’ll have pictures of both gender ideas. If you be on Pinterest a lot then you probably have seen some of the pictures before.¬†

¬† This cake is adorable. I love how the colors blend together. The cake is so pretty I wouldn’t want to eat it lol. Do anybody agree?









 Pink and gold look beautiful together! Whoever created this baby shower theme did an amazing job. I need this person to decorate my future baby shower. Does anybody else think this theme is beautiful? 








¬† This Paris theme is popular for baby showers. I think it’s so cuteee! Who wouldn’t want this theme for their baby girl? Every treat in the picture looks yummy!












¬†What a neat way to do baby shower invitations. You’ll probably have to give this invitation to everyone personally unless you get a medium or large size envelope to put it in. This is my first time seeing an invitation like this. Do anyone else think this is a neat invitation?¬†







¬†I never played this game at a baby shower, but it seems fun though. Have anybody tried this game? It looks simple to put together. I’ll have to try this out.









I enjoyed doing this post for you all. Did you find some ideas that caught your eye? This makes me have baby fever! Oh yeah, another thing I want to ask is do any of you enjoy finding ideas on Pinterest? If you haven’t been on Pinterest before go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


Pictures Credit: Pinterest

© Reflection of Des 2017

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