Vibes You Sense From A Person

Have you ever been in a room and felt someone vibe base on their presence? They didn’t even have to speak to you for you to know that they are a good or bad person. Some of you probably thinking “how in the world will I be able to determine that without even speaking to the person that enters the room?” Well, the best response I can tell you is that you will get certain body reactions (like facial expressions), gut feeling, or you can feel a strong presence of good or evil.

For example, two people could be mad at each other and be in a group setting with others. Everyone in the group can feel the tension between the two people who are mad at each other. It can feel like a big elephant in the room. I don’t know if some of you heard of that expression before. It basically means it’s something no one isn’t trying or wants to talk about.

I can tell y’all plenty of stories where I been to work, school, or any other places where I didn’t know certain strangers and I could tell whether or not they were a good or bad person. One thing that really catches my attention is when my whole mood change when someone comes in the area or room I am in. I could be in a very happy mood than all of a sudden I feel upset. That’s how I can tell a person has a bad vibe to them. They didn’t even have to speak to me for me to get upset about something with them. It’s weird how our intuition can alarm us.

No, I don’t want any of you to think I have any type of jealousy towards anyone that comes my way. I’m not a jealous person at all or don’t like anyone for no reason at all. I was just blessed with a gift where I can pick the good from the bad or the fake from the real. Even a person body language can tell you a lot about the person. I am not an expert on that so I won’t get deep into that.

Anyways, anyone has the ability to feel any type of vibe from a stranger or a person they know. You just have to pay attention to the way you act with the person you come across. That is a sign or signal right there.  Have you ever been in a situation where you felt a certain type of vibe from a person? Or do you know someone who had a similar experience to what I talked about in the article?

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Deceiving People Can Fool You 

There are some people out there who are deceiving. When you first meet them, they give you the impression that they have pure intentions. When in actuality their intentions are to feed their own selfish needs. Once you get to know the person on a deeper level. Certain things that they do starts to make sense. For example, when they come around other people everyone starts acting differently towards them. When I say different I mean everyone is having a good time then suddenly, their mood turns sour. When a certain someone comes around. The vibe is thrown off. A person presence can tell you a bit about them.

Deceiving people can come in the forms of a friend, stranger, or family. They could be someone who’s rich or poor. You’re getting the point, right? If anyone ever fooled you into thinking they’re a sweet person and care about you. Then later they transformed into a person you don’t even recognize.  Don’t feel like you’re stupid. This happens to all of us. It shows you how you should be careful with trusting others. Everyone is not trustworthy.

Remember that deceiving people love taking advantage of the weak. Try not to show your vulnerability too quick. Some people can sense it quicker than others. Also, they will try to play mind games with you. I’m sure you’re catching my point by now. So, tell me have you ever encounter an incident with a deceiving person or people? Like you thought they were a good person but their goal the whole time was to trick you into thinking that. Let’s have a full discussion in the comment section.



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How Could You?

How could you feel comfortable with hurting others?

How could you be against everyone?

How could you let the poor go hungry?

How could you be selfish?


Your conscious don’t eat you up inside?

Of course not…

How could you be so heartless?


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Don’t Creep Anyone Out with Your Profile Picture

On social media, it’s always good to have a profile picture. If you don’t have one it is sort of creepy especially if you try to follow or give a friend request to people you don’t know. Most people will think you’re a fake account. Nobody likes to accept anyone without a picture.

For the people who do put up a profile picture. Is your profile picture presentable enough to make people feel comfortable to follow you? Or does it scare them off?  A presentable picture would be a nice picture of you smiling. You can even get your model status on and make different facial expressions or poses for a good profile picture. A creepy profile picture, such as a picture of you holding a knife in your hand with bloodshot eyes. Who wants to follow a person that has that as their profile picture? First of all, it’s scary. Second, it shows that the person is a little crazy.

Don’t get me wrong I know people love having silly pictures as their profile picture. Sometimes certain pictures are not funny to everyone. Just keep that in mind. If you’re a comedian or a person that likes being silly all the time. Please let it be known for the people who don’t know you personally. So, they will understand your silly or outrageous pictures.

When someone follows me on social media that I do not know. I always overview their profile before attempting to follow them back. First, I start with reading the stuff that they post. Then I see if they have any uploaded pictures that don’t make it obvious they’re a fake profile. Also, I try to see what location the person is from. It helps me to figure out if they are from my area and we might have a mutual friend. If the person location is not in my area that is cool too. I like making friends from all over the world. Last but not least I read their bio. It helps me learn about their personality a bit.

In conclusion, your profile picture can help or hurt you with gaining followers. As they all say, your first impression is important. Don’t scare or creep people out with your picture. What makes a profile picture creepy to you? Share your thoughts in the comment section.



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Don’t Judge People or Their Life

Everyone has their own life struggles to deal with. Life loves throwing obstacles in our way. Even when we try to avoid them. It’s our jobs to stay positive and take some control. When someone is going through a difficult situation don’t judge their decisions. They’re doing what fits best for their situation.

Even though you may not understand it just let everything flow. Do not I repeat do not say things to hurt their feelings neither. Be wise with your choice of words. The person can easily take their anger, pain, and frustration out on you. I can guarantee you they have everything bottled up inside. Why would you want to say hurtful things to someone anyway? No one in this world is perfect.

Judging someone just because their life doesn’t glitter in gold like yours. Shouldn’t be the reason you think you’re better than anyone. Remember words do hurt. One day life is well. Then in a split second everything gets taken away from you. You can find yourself put through a similar situation as a person you judged. Stay humble. You always need to watch what you say to people. You better pray or hope the person has a good heart to forgive you. Then lend you some help. Not everyone will be open to care for someone who gave them harsh judgment on their life.

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Some People Kills Me With Their Negative Comments

First of all, I can’t stand for a person to always say slick comments when you tell them about your situation. When it comes to them telling you their problems they expect you to not say anything negative. This irks my nerves. I know I’m not the only person that goes through this. This is the main reason I stop talking to certain people because I don’t like hearing their negative comments. Having their bad energy around me isn’t helping anything.

That’s the problem with people now they are quick to judge your lifestyle but don’t take the time to listen and view the situation from your point of view. It’s time to leave those people behind. Don’t have any regret about it. I’ll be a shoulder to lean on if you feel like you can’t vent or talk to anyone else. I give no judgment towards anyone. Readers, if you have people in your life that always want to throw negativity in your situation just stop talking to them. It doesn’t matter who they are. If they can’t support you in a positive way then forget about them.

In conclusion, be happy with everything that makes you feel comfortable. I can’t stress that enough. Sometimes you have to show people who their negative comments won’t bring you down and stop you from being yourself. Like the old saying “misery loves company.” Don’t let that misery suck you in.

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Dedication to the People That’s Taking me for Granted 

You’ll regret not being there when I needed you. I put all my effort into helping each and every one of you out but rarely got anything in return. Now you’re surprised that we don’t talk anymore. Oh well, I’m moving on with my life. I always said when I reach my highest level of success I would share the luxuries with you. Well, that changed cause I realized none of you cared about me the way you should. Yes, I changed because I wanted to become a better person. My eyes opened up to the no good people who I had hanging around for too long. If you’re reading this and it struck your nerve or conscience then you maybe you’re one of those toxic people in my life. I’m not wasting my time and energy on any of you anymore.

– Dedicated to the people who are taking me for granted

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Why am I Passionate about Helping Others? (Des Blog-a-thon) #31

Living in a chaotic world it’s hard to find good people. If you do find a good person cherish them. Be careful though some people are deceitful. Helping others makes me feel good. I will be a blessing in someone’s life. I love when there are smiles on their face by me giving them unexpected blessings.

It breaks my heart when someone is going through pain. All I want to do is be there for them and reassure them that they will be okay. Being there for someone when they are going through a tough situation can change their life. It will make them feel good to know that someone cares about them. I will be that “someone” for others. I want to see everyone happy and to feel safe is that too much to ask for? 

Honestly, you’re not going to find too many people who are like me. I have a big heart and would like to be the superhero for everyone around the world. Up to this point, I always try my best to see people in a positive light. I don’t care what they did wrong in the past or what they are doing now because I’m not a judgmental person. Sometimes people have to put them self in dangerous situations to survive. I feel like my job is to help them out so they don’t have to go through situations like that. I want to build a safe environment for them.

Another thing I want to mention is that I always wanted some type of fame or influence people in a positive way.  I have a strong belief I can change the world.  Anything is possible. If nobody else wants to follow my journey with wanting to help others then I don’t mind standing alone.

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People Actions Show Who They Truly Are (Des Blog-a-thon) #24

I’m a firm believer in actions speaks louder than words. Some words are fabricated lies. You can try to plan your actions, but it will always show your true intentions. Don’t make promises if you’re not good at keeping your word.

In all honesty, people believe in words before they pay attention to a person’s actions. That’s our problem we get all caught up in what we hear without reading body language. In my opinion, you don’t have to be a pro to read someone’s body language. There will be obvious signs, such as,  shifting from side to side,  stuttering, and not making eye contact with you. Maybe you might notice they are ignoring your calls, texts, or emails.  More than likely they are trying to avoid you for some reason. Now don’t get me wrong the signs I mention can fit in other situations too. So, don’t over think them.

Here’s a scenario, you’re hyped up about going to a music festival with a friend of yours. Both of you have made plans about what you’re going to wear there, your favorite singer you want to see, and how much money you’ll need for the food at the festival. The day of the festival comes and that friend cancels at the last-minute. You were given a lame excuse. It upsets you because this same friend does this every time y’all have plans together. Then you see them at the same event with other friends. That action should tell you that person doesn’t want to hang out with you. Think about it if a person wants to be around you they will put effort into spending time with you.

In the meantime, watch a person actions before you believe every word they tell you. You’ll save yourself time from temporary people who come into your life. A person action tells you who they are. Do you believe a person action’s define who they are? 

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Why the World Need Good People? (Des Blog-a-thon) #21

Having good people in the world will make a positive difference. There would be less chaos and more peace. Wouldn’t that be nice if that actually happened? Sometimes we can avoid ridiculous situations from happening. I mean I’m not saying the world will be perfect because it’s not supposed to be that way. It would be great to live in a safer world though. Yeah, there will be some people who will cause bad situations to happen, but the percentage would be low if good people outweighs the bad ones.

Another thing I want to mention is that I know there are some good people all over the world. That’s the main reason I have hope to make a difference. I can not stress this enough. We were put on this earth to go through struggles to learn from them not turn into bitter individuals.

However, even though it seems like we can’t make a change to the world doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Honestly, in my eyes, nothing is impossible. We all have to be brave. Let’s stick together! Why watch chaos happen and not do anything about it? It would make me happy if we all come together to be better people. Of course, it won’t be easy but let’s try it out!

What’s your opinion on the world needing good people? Do you agree with the things I said? 

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