Mi Papi Chulo

*Cue the music* Plays “Papi chulo… (te traigo el mmmm…)” by Lorna Fun toy Playboy Papi Chulo Giving me a thrill Your touch gives me chills Only useful for a good time You make a girl go wild Ay yi yi so suave Mmmm mmmm mmmm Love how you excite me Don’t want our time […]

Confessions of a Passionate Writer (Collaboration)

First, I want to thank Kirah for collabing with me. We collab with each other on why are we passionate about writing. Be sure to read her article Confessions of a Passionate Writer: from the UK to the USA. For those of you who are not familiar with Kirah. She is a traveler who currently resides in […]

They Don’t Understand 

Nobody understands my thoughts and feelings  They don’t understand my passion for my dreams It hurts to have to bottle up everything inside  I never met someone who could genuinely understand the real me Everyone only goes by their perception of me I know I can prove their judgments wrong © Reflection of Des 2017 […]