Comfortable Pain

Why am I so comfortable with pain? And afraid to be happy Pain is what I expect I soak it in like my skin does the sun on a hot summer day Happiness is foreign to me Pain gives me unexplainable safety Not ashamed to admit I’m used to it Finding comfort in pain A… Read More Comfortable Pain


A Runway from Love ❤️

Running away from love Cause it hurts Not trying to feel that heart-wrenching pain Life is better without the suffering My happiness is more comforting Love stray away I can live without you And that’s okay I’m accepting my fate Running away from love Is my perfect escape To be safe Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash LISTEN… Read More A Runway from Love ❤️


This Woman’s Story

A woman filled with pain Some of it is hard to explain Experiences that made her feel ashamed Who does she blame? Herself? Or the man or men she gave her heart to Giving her all While he made her feel small She should’ve put a wall over her emotions Maybe it would’ve protected her… Read More This Woman’s Story

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Someone to Put in the Past (Des Blog-a-thon) #15

After all the chaos you put me through It’s time to let you go… You thought I would come running back like I did many times before I can only imagine your facial expression and thoughts When you realized I was serious this time… LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | ANCHORFM… Read More Someone to Put in the Past (Des Blog-a-thon) #15

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Words Do Hurt People Feelings

It’s time to talk about how much words do hurt people. I know you remember that saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words don’t hurt.” This saying is not true at all. Honestly, words hurt worse than getting hurt physically. It hits you in a deep kind of way. The type of… Read More Words Do Hurt People Feelings



I hate you… Harsh to say but I mean it I hate how much you hurt me I hate how I put YOU before myself I hate you for making me feel insecure I hate you for taking advantage of my loyalty I hate how much you never paid attention to the little things I… Read More I HATE YOU


Your True Intentions

Deep-rooted pain With you, I feel so ashamed Low self-esteem surrounds me like bees swarm around honey Insecurity is what I am accustomed to Sex didn’t make you stay Fake love is what you portray You never wanted to stay Your true intentions showed that day HEY THERE FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER |… Read More Your True Intentions


It’s About You Again…

Yes, this poem is about you It’s funny how you are stuck in your selfish ways You feel like your problems are bigger than mine Have you ever took the time to focus on my needs? I know if I leave you then you’ll crumble I’m the one who made you! After numerous times getting… Read More It’s About You Again…

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You Snatched My Soul (Des Blog-a-thon) #29

When you told me you never loved me You snatched my soul When you decided to with her and not me You snatched my soul When  you called me a hoe, bitch, and liar You snatched my soul Even after all of that I still loved you                … Read More You Snatched My Soul (Des Blog-a-thon) #29


Confessions of a Heart Broken Girl

Look into my eyes You’ll see the pain That’s the only way you’ll see my true sorrow Lonely nights lying in bed having silent cries so no one will hear me On the outside I’ll pretend I’m happy But if I open up inside you’ll see my heart bleeding out If I told you about… Read More Confessions of a Heart Broken Girl